KWHS Tutoring Program Review

Getting help on subjects you are struggling to understand within school can be challenging. Finding an affordable tutor, or even someone who can understand your assignments is a dispute, but not with the Key West High School (KWHS) Tutoring Program. 

Jonibek Muhsinov and Gabrielle Pariag, the leaders of the KWHS Tutoring Program, created this organization to put their skills and mentoring experience to good use. “After hearing about the number of seniors that did not have enough credits to graduate this year, Jonibek reached out to me to help find a way to help,” said Pariag. However, this program does not just benefit the KWHS Class of 2022, but also the future graduating classes. 

Compared to other tutoring programs, the tutors here are KWHS juniors and seniors. If you are an underclassman, being taught by the upperclassmen who have taken the same classes as you can be more comforting. Knowing that you are in the right hands to succeed in your core classes is refreshing for a young student. “There were many credentials that our tutors had to meet,” said Muhsinov. “I can confidently say that they are the best tutors available at the high school.” 

Regarding the cost of tutoring, private tutors are very costly, and can even go up to a hundred dollars per session. However, the KWHS Tutoring Program is 100% free, and all the tutors working there are doing this purely out of helping fellow students, not for a paycheck they get once a week. Before this program, Pariag was a tutor at the Keys Learning Center in Key West, so she has an understanding of how to replicate their methods but make them better. “I liked helping students there, but I wanted to make it more accessible for the kids at KWHS,” explained Pariag. 

Even though they mostly focus on classes required to graduate, the program also offers Advanced Placement (AP) tutoring. “We tutor every subject and every class at KWHS,” said Muhsinov. “We have many student tutors volunteering to teach a variety of subjects.”

Whether you think you need help in a subject or not, every student is welcome. “We have a wide diversity of students that come to our tutoring,” stated Pariag. “Sometimes there are kids who need to raise their grades, and other times there are kids that just need help with homework questions.” No matter how much assistance you need, the tutoring program helps with all struggles. 

If you are interested in attending the tutoring sessions, it is hosted in the media center after school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. In addition, if you are interested in being a tutor, contact Gabrielle Pariag at, or Jonibek Muhsinov at

The KWHS Tutoring Program posted this flyer on all social media platforms. You can find the tutoring dates, location, and contact information in the poster. Photo Provided by Jonibek Muhsinov and Gabrielle Pariag

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