Aftermath of Hurricane Nicole

At 3 a.m. in the area of Vero Beach in Florida, Hurricane Nicole made landfall. Knocking homes and businesses into the ocean, Hurricane Nicole finished what Hurricane Ian started not even 45 days ago while also devastating the east coast of Florida.

Hurricane Nicole was a category 1 hurricane that came at the end of the Hurricane season, which isn’t a very common time for hurricanes. Additionally, it came only about 43 days after Hurricane Ian, a category 4 storm, which caused a lot more damage than previous storms. When Hurricane Nicole hit, it stayed on Florida’s East coast for about 12 hours. That allowed for 12 hours of rain and high winds, causing erosion to the coastline. It knocked out the power to about 250,000 Florida residents. 

Photo of the damage to houses on the shore. Photo provided by Bay News 9.

Usually, to cause a substantial amount of damage, storms are at least a category 2. Since the strongest winds can get in a Category 1 is 95 miles per hour (mph). Having 75 mph winds and three-and-a-half feet of rain, Hurricane Nicole had more water damage. Including erosion on the shore causing houses and businesses to begin to come down. Whether it was a whole house that collapsed or just a family’s backyard pool, it will take months to know what to do or how to rebuild. Just to go back on the property will take a while since if just the backyard collapsed, officials would still have to check the house and property. Additionally according to, as of November 13, 2022, all roadways and bridges are open as well as transit agencies. 

Overall, the clean-up process has begun, however, it will take a while until it is all restored back to the area’s ‘normal’ state. Although, with the teams that are working, that will be soon. 

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