Sunday Key West World Championships Weekend

In much calmer waters and a day filled with plenty of action and excitement from race one to four, the final day of the 41st annual Race World Offshore Key West World Championships did not disappoint. 

Race one started at 10 am and saw so many great battles on the track, and razor-thin points to decide the championships in multiple classes. Bracket 7 saw Steele Racing run uncontested once again giving them their class, while in Bracket 6, hometown team Powerhouse Racing held off Gerard Marine, taking home a fan-favorite world title. Bracket 5 was a very simple points battle, with Golf N Gator Team Woody Racing grabbing a world title there. Bracket 4 had Simmons Marine outlast the rest of their class, and with GNS Motorsports breaking down, it gave Simmons the world championship. Bracket 3 would see another points battle decided by a breakdown, as during a battle for the lead with Team Woody and Harpoon Harry’s, Harpoon Harry’s boat would give up on them, allowing Team Woody to cruise to a win and give the team two world championship titles in one weekend. 

Modified V would see heartbreak again for as they would fall out of the race, taking them out of the world championship battle. 151 Express, on the other hand, had the perfect setup and ended up winning the race and world championship. Stock V saw a scare late in the race, with Team Octane and Shocker getting into an incident. Octane was a lap boat trying to let Shocker by, however, both boats miscalculated things, causing shocker to run over the top of Team Octane, destroying the Octane boat and the hull of the Shocker boat being severely damaged as well. The Team Octane team, although both the drivers and the boat for Team Octane were battered, they said, “we are just glad the boat did its job and kept us safe, it’s really a shame too, the boat was running really well and we were figuring things out.” Meanwhile, at the front of the field, Laticrete would get a hard-fought win, but due to Shocker losing a spot,  Fastboys was able to move to third place and make the points battle with Laticrete and Fastboys a tie. The championship would go to Fastboys as they would win the tiebreaker, in the tightest points battle of the day, and as tight as you’ll see points in any racing series.

Race two started at 12:30, and the two Huski boats showed their strength once again in Class One. Boats df Young and Goodboy Vodka would scratch from the race, making it four boats only in Class One. Regardless, the Huski boats took care of business as they did Friday, the one difference from Friday however, was that the Huski Wear boat would be the class of the field and not the Huski Chocolate boat. Huski Wear, with this performance, would steal the championship in a dream weekend for the Huski Chocolate boats. Johnny Tomlinson, the throttleman for the championship-winning Huski Wear, had this to say when asked what changes were made to make this boat be so dominant on Sunday. “It was really only small prop changes and small tweaks to things on the boat, once we got clean water ahead of us, the boat ran super well.” Meanwhile, the Huski Chocolate boat, who would come up second, said that they had motor issues after the first couple of laps, leading them unable to keep pace with Huski Wear. In the Extreme class, Ocean Cup would easily win over the Rare Stash Bourbon boat, which dropped out after a few laps.

The third race, which was a 1:30 start, was the biggest field of the weekend, Super Stock. Big East Construction would show the same speed they did Friday after their second-place finish and take the lead. But sadly, after a few laps, the boat would break down, giving the lead to Performance Boat Center, where they would maintain it the entire race. However, they needed Team Allen Lawn Care to fall to 5th place, or they would lose the championship by two points. Allen Lawn care fought with Celsius hard for the position that held their championship aspirations in the balance. They would hold on, allowing them to win the world championship by a mere two points. LPC Racing, who finished third, would come up five points shy of the title as well, showing just how close and competitive the championship race was all weekend. 

The fourth and final race of the weekend was the Super Cat’s and Stock 450, which went green at 2:30. Celsius New Zealand (The formerly sponsored Pro Floors team) would grab the lead after the start and put on a masterclass performance the whole way through. Although, due to their breakdown Friday, they needed something big to happen to other boats in the class, which didn’t. M-Con would hold the second spot all race like they did Friday and get their first world championship. This was a great redemption story as in 2021 they fell to a breakdown Sunday after dominating the weekend, which lost them the title. In Stock 450, the MTI boat would sweep the weekend and bring home a dominant win. This would give Johnny Tomlinson two world titles on the weekend and fan favorite Taylor Schism a world title as well. 

Although the week was shortened, the action was as good as always and the points battles were as close as ever. There was redemption, heartbreak, and teams finding the perfect setup and truly dominating. So with that, the 41st annual Key West World Championships come to a close, and the wait for next year begins for powerboat fans.

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