Using exercise to ease educational stress

As a senior in high school, I can tell you that high school is a lot to handle. You have your normal school work, tests, final exams, etc. for all four years, but once you hit your senior year you also have to worry about college applications (if you’re going to college). I’ve felt the stress these past few weeks from applying to 12 different universities like never before. Just knowing that my future is on the line from these universities is astounding. But to ease the nerves, I use exercise to help. 

Just something about throwing weights around to get all your emotions out is very appealing to my eye. Whenever I’m stressed, the first thing I do is think about going to the gym. And then five minutes later I’m in my car headed straight to FYT, a gym in Stock Island. If anything, the stress and anxiety gives me an adrenaline rush to lift more, seeing an increase in the amount of pounds I can gain in my lifts. 

Being on the girls weightlifting team at Key West High School (KWHS) has made me a big fan of the gym aspect. It has taught me that if you feel like punching someone, you can imitate through lifting weights. Just kidding (not really)! In our weightlifting competitions, being anxious and stressed in school allows me to compete to my fullest potential in meets. Once I walk onto the mat for my lift, nothing else matters besides lifting that weight. 

Although weightlifting is a great reliever, cardio is also a great way to exert stress in school. It is not my favorite activity, however it keeps me mentally focused by thinking of one thing the whole time: how painful this is. I usually go running as my first form of cardio, but if I am in the gym I use the Stairmaster, a cardio machine that revolves a set of stairs around a variety of speed intervals. It has become popular through the social media app TikTok by saying that it gives people abdominals and bigger glutes. It doesn’t, but it’s great for cardio. 

Even though these exercises help me relieve stress, feel free to use any other reliever. Whatever helps you relax, use it. Just make sure to keep healthy and safe in whatever you do.

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