Unpacking an Angry Suitcase

“Where words fail, music speaks.” (Hans Christian Anderson).  Music is not only an art, but a tool, allowing the artists a way to express themselves.  Everyone knows at least one musician, but small artists get left out more often than not.  In this article, a highlight will be put on small musician Dakota and the Angry Suitcase.

Dakota and the Angry Suitcase during a performance. Photo Provided by Dakota.

Smalltown musician Dakota is a local artist from St. Joe, Missouri.  His journey as a small musician has been fast-paced.  “Whenever I started the band I didn’t necessarily think that it would take off quite like it has and that people would enjoy the music as much as they have.” (Dakota).  

Though with anything striving for success, there are struggles.  The struggles music artists face range far and wide.  Some of Dakota’s struggles had to do with money, self-image, and mental battles.  Financial issues can lead to other issues as well, such as affording studio time, CDs, and even gas money for travel.  Dakota also had issues with getting a Public Address (PA) system, but was gifted one by Prestyn’s Wine Bar.  Along with financial struggles, Dakota has also faced mental ones.  Many can understand the need to do better, do more, and sometimes just coming to terms with the change occurring in your life.  Dakota has faced these issues along with others, stating, “I’ve struggled with self-image and self-confidence a lot since I was young, so knowing people actually enjoy my music and will even pay a cover just to watch me play is something I’ve had to learn how to accept.” 

Dakota and the Angry Suitcase album cover. Photo Provided by Dakota.

Dakota describes his music as an Americana style, encompassing folk, rock, and country aspects.  However, Dakota stated that his music is “definitely not for everyone.”  He recognizes this because his music is very unique to him. He stated, “What you can listen to now, it came from a place of trying to discover where I sit in the music scene.  So I wrote songs about, you know, depression and, murder, and, you know just kinda very off topic things, that people don’t normally write songs about.”  Saying this, Dakota asks people not to judge too harshly, because the music they are going to record is going to be less dark, and he hopes people will find at least one song that they enjoy.

Small musicians have it hard, and this singular account attests to that.  With his music out on all platforms, Dakota can only hope to spread his music to those who need or want to hear it.  Although his music is different, he hopes to have music for everyone to enjoy in his upcoming EPs.

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