Serena Williams Walks Away from Tennis

Famous tennis player, Serena Williams has announced it might be time for her to step away from the court. Although, she will still be doing a variety of hobbies and talents, from family to fashion outside of the sport.

Serena Williams announced her retirement in a Vogue magazine article by saying she will retire after playing at the 2022 U.S. Open at the end of August. However, according to, Serena Williams would rather call it, “evolving away from tennis” Since, according to, the word retirement was created in the 19th century to remove older workers from the workforce. She also additionally says it is to focus on her growing family and other hobbies. Some of these hobbies are, being a venture capitalist and a fashion maker. 

Although, throughout her career, Serena Williams has made a big impact on society and was (and still is) a role model to lots of people. According to the New York Times, Serena Williams has 23 Grand Slam titles and was the first Black player since Arthur Ashe to win a singles Grand Slam title. She was additionally the “(…)first Black woman to emerge victorious in a slam since Althea Gibson in 1958,” according to the New York Times. That was all also at the age of 17. Like said before, Serena Williams has her own fashion line consisting of the bag line called “Signature Statement” and a nail polish line named “Serena Grand Slam”.

Serena’s nail polish named “Serena Grand Slam” in colors (left to right) Simply Smashing and Black Shatter.

The star tennis player, according to, will also be focusing on her venture capital firm called “Serena Ventures”. With that firm, she’ll be mainly investing in companies run by women or people of color. Since she opened it, she has also invested in NFT companies, bitcoin, and other reward apps such as Tracflo. 

In the end, even if Serena Williams will be retiring soon, we will likely still be hearing from and about her due to her variety of hobbies outside of tennis. Her retirement just gives her new ways to be an inspiration to people across the world. 

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