Mar-A-Lago Golf Resort raided by F.B.I

The Mar-A-Lago Golf Resort, which is currently owned by former American President Donald J. Trump and his family was raided earlier this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  over fears that the former President had kept, among other items, “Classified documents related to nuclear weapons” as said by the Washington Post in an article published Friday. Independent sources have been unable to confirm the validity of these claims and the “Internal Contact” in the FBI did not come forward. Mister Trump also denies the existence of the documents or their placement at his Mar-A-Lago home, stating on his personally run social network “Truth Social ” the following: 

The Maralago Golf Resort, which is owned by Former President Donald Trump, as seen from the air. (Joe Raedele, Getty Images 2018)

“Nuclear Weapons issue is a Hoax, just like ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ was a hoax, two impeachments were a hoax, the Mueller Investigation was a Hoax, and much more. Some Sleazy people involved”. Former President Trump tied his most recent exchange with law enforcement to long-standing grievances and a series of “hoaxes”. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has not made public comment on the event, however, a press conference was held in Washington, DC, in which US Attorney-General Merrick Garland stated that “The Department of Justice has filed a motion in the Southern District of Florida to unseal a search warrant and property receipt. The former President publicly confirmed the search that evening, as is his right. Copies of both the warrant and FBI property receipt were provided on the day of the search to the former President’s counsel, who were on-site during the search.” 

US Attorney General Merrick Garland held a press conference in which he announced he would be attempting to unseal the FBI’s search warrant on Maralago. (USA Today)

The search warrant was unsealed after Former President Trump’s legal counsel did not attempt to object to it being unsealed. The warrant was concerned with potential violations of the Espionage Act by Former President Trump, which did include concerns about nuclear materials. Since the warrant was unsealed, there have been no further comments by the FBI or DOJ.

Shane Miller, 2022, KWHS Snapper

All Images credited to the original photographers

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