Durham 2016 Probe grows in size and scale

John Durham’s probe into the 2016 election under the FBI (in which suspicions of Russian involvement to rig the results were not found) has recently continued to expand in size and scale and become active once more after the divisive 2021 election of current United States (U.S) President Joe Biden. Democratic supporters and party officials made several claims after their 2016 loss to the Republican party that Incumbent Donald Trump had “Utilized several rare, Russian-made wireless phones in the vicinity of the White House and other locations,” and had also been utilizing Russian assistance to gain votes in the election. These claims were all recently disproven by the Special Counsel’s office. Earlier during the start of the Probe, the “Steele Dossier” was released by an anonymous source, which provided several claims of Russian collusion with Trump’s campaign. However, the Dossier was disproven several times by both the Durham Probe and other neutral investigations into all sides of the election. 

Incumbent President Donald Trump during the Probe and his Presidency (Associated Press)

More witnesses have recently come forward to US court judges to testify in the Durham probe case, with several admitting that there was ‘no clear evidence of Russian collusion’ in the election. Included in those coming forward and being recently indicted are lawyers of Michael Sussman, who was indicted in late September for involvement in the supposed conspiracy. His lawyers claimed that the indictments were just to “inflame media coverage of the probe.” Controversies surrounding the probe have been rampant since its beginning, with Democratic party officials constantly bombarding the Probe with negative comments and press, calling it “Politically Motivated” and other insults. 2016 Election candidate Hillary Clinton has been involved in controversies of her own, including a scandal in which her internal party emails and memos were leaked to the press, leading to a slew of discoveries and controversy around her own election results. As of the current year, nobody has officially been jailed over the Probe, but this may soon change with the forthcoming indictments and with more focus on the Probe due to the American political environment becoming more partisan.

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