Uprise of Wordle

Lately, it seems like everyone is obsessed with the word game, Wordle. Originally made for one couple, it is now sweeping the internet with over a thousand players per day. The online daily word game has been all over Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It was created by the software engineer, Josh Wardle, but later bought by the New York Times. Aside from revealing new words to people, it’s also saved lives. 

The word game Wordle, was released in October 2021 by a software engineer, Josh Wardle. He created the word game because of his partner’s love for puzzles, and according to nytimes.com, the name was based on the creator’s last name, which is ‘Wardle’. After a few months of Wordle, it became an obsession for the couple, and Josh shared it with his family. He soon released it to the rest of the world in October 2021. According to nytimes.com, 90 people played Wordle on November 1st, 2021. And, a few months later, it grew to over 300,000 players. 

The game only has one word per day with only six tries to guess it. After each try, each letter gives a colored clue to what the day’s word is; green means it’s in the right spot in the word, yellow means it’s in the word, and no color means that it’s not in the word at all. Since the game has become popular, there have been numerous theories and strategies to help figure out the word. One of the most popular strategies is to start with a 5 letter word that has a lot of vowels in it, for example, alien, irate, etc. Aside from the logical part, the appearance is simple. 

The main page (second from left) and the help page, settings, and other games. Image found on https://indianexpress.com/

When you look up Wordle, you find a link that takes you to a screen with a five by six grid with a keyboard and instructions. Apart from that, it doesn’t have any flashing lights, advertisements, or pop-up windows trying to get money. According to nytimes.com, there’s no one trying to watch you or get your data. It is just a fun game to play during your lunch break or before bed. 

Overall, with Wordle results sweeping through social media, the word game will definitely be around for a while. 

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