Curtis Reeves vs Chad Oulson murder case

8 years ago, a 71-year-old man was sitting in a movie theater outside of Tampa when an argument over texting started.  He was watching a screening of “Lone Survivor” at Wesley Chapel when he was bothered by another man who was texting.  

Now eight years later, Curtis Reeves is being tried for fatally shooting Chad Oulson in January of 2014.  Reeves is charged with second-degree murder and aggravated battery in Oulson’s killing.  Reeves has pled not guilty.  Last week, jury selection took place for four days.  On Thursday, six jurors and four alternates were selected to hear the case.  

Reeves was initially held without bond but then freed with a $150,000 bond.  But it was under the condition that he only leaves the house for court, church, grocery store, or medical appointments. 

When the case first was in the news, the defendant had a self-defense claim under Florida’s “stand your ground” law.  This controversial law is basically self-defense and the judge in 2017 said that the law did not apply to this case, which forced it to become a trial. 

The trial is delayed for many years and partly due to the pandemic.  As a result, people complain that Reeves has been able to enjoy friends and family at the house and has not suffered like Oulson’s family.  Oulson’s attorney called it ’embarrassing’ and Oulson’s wife, who was injured at the theater is super angry.  

The murder was over texting. Oulson’s wife said her husband was texting their babysitter.  Reeves left the theater and complained but when returned to the two got into an argument. Oulson threw popcorn at Reeves and got Reeves so angry that he pulled out a gun and fired a gun.  Oulson was taken to the hospital and he died there.  Oulson’s wife, Nicole was shot in the hand and survived.  Reeves was a retired police officer.  Reeves says that Oulson threw a cell phone at Reeves’ head.  Reeves also said that he felt Oulson was about to punch him.  In 2017, the court doubted Reeves claim and as a result, trial begins.  It will be very hard for Oulson’s wife and family to have to relive the whole situation.  But, they want Reeves to be found fuilty and to spend rest of his life in prison to pay for their loss.

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