Top five quick Valentine’s Day gifts (not ranked)

Did you forget to buy your significant other a gift for Valentine’s Day? No worries, The Snapper has you covered. Here are our top five quick gifts that your partner will love (not in ranking order). 

  1. Box of Chocolates

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and so does chocolate. Expensive chocolate brands such as Godiva and Ferrero Rocher taste magnificent, but that doesn’t mean the cheaper brands don’t have impactful flavors. Lindor, Dove, Russel Stover, Hershey’s, etc. are all great brands that bring the same mouth-watering sensations to the table. To add to the lovable holiday, the same inexpensive companies package their chocolates in red, pink, or even heart-shaped containers. These chocolates win the heart of your loved one and their taste buds. 

Russel Stover’s chocolate in a heart-shaped box for $4.99 at CVS. Photo Provided
  1. Teddy Bears

Although grizzly bears are known for their ferocious stereotypes, the teddy bears in Walgreens or CVS are lovable stuffed animals that your other half will enjoy. Starting at $9.99 at Walgreens, they are low in price, simple presents, and show the warmth and love you give off to your partner. Although Build-A-Bear stuffed animals are great, the other teddy bears will come just in time for Valentine’s Day for a better price and a similar great quality.

Valentine’s Plush 14 inches White Sitting Bear with XOX for $9.99 at Walgreens. Photo Provided
  1. Flowers

Depending on what your significant other’s favorite flower is, they are a perfect way to show that you thought about them. In weddings, flowers are used as a touch to the ceremony of their love. Similar to that, flowers on Valentine’s Day add a special touch between you and your partner. Typically, roses are given on Valentine’s Day or in any romantic situation, symbolizing romance, love, beauty, and courage. However, if they don’t fancy roses, go by their favorite flower. In Publix, a bouquet of flowers starts at $4.43. If you can buy a five-dollar meal at McDonald’s, you can spare those extra five bucks for your loved one. 

Bouquet of roses for $4.43 at Publix. Photo Provided
  1. Cooking Dinner

Did you forget to book reservations at your partner’s favorite restaurant? No worries, just cook it yourself! Cooking dinner for your significant other is a cheap and fun way to show them that you put in the effort into your relationship. Even if you’re not the best at cooking, showing that you tried will be more than enough as a proclamation of your love. You can even do it together as a fun activity. Check out easy recipes to make on

  1. Memories Through Pictures

Printing out the most memorable photos can symbolize what your significant other and you have been through together: good times and bad. At the Dollar Store, you can buy a frame or scrapbook for $1.25, and can print out the photo or photos at Walgreens for at least 0.50 cents. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love for each other, and this present will represent how much your love shows, with a good price. 

No matter what you get for your loved one, putting in the thought, time, and in this case money, will show that you love your partner. The love for each other is the greatest gift in a relationship, but I hope these presents will help add a little something to this year’s Valentine’s Day.

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