Top five quick Valentine’s Day gifts (not ranked)

Did you forget to buy your significant other a gift for Valentine’s Day? No worries, The Snapper has you covered. Here are our top five quick gifts that your partner will love (not in ranking order).  Box of Chocolates Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and so does chocolate. Expensive chocolate brands such as Godiva and Ferrero Rocher taste magnificent, but that doesn’t mean … Continue reading Top five quick Valentine’s Day gifts (not ranked)

The Fourteenth of February

One of the most controversial months, February, is upon us. As Valentine’s Day steadily approaches, conflict also begins to appear. People either love this holiday or hate it. Those who dislike the fourteenth of February argue that this day is simply a capitalist scheme to compel consumers to purchase candies and cards in an effort to prove their undying love. However,  this is not the … Continue reading The Fourteenth of February