Betty White passes at 99

By:Summer Livengood

Betty White was born on January 17, 1922, and sadly passed away on December 31, 2021. Betty white was an American actor and comedian, and for over seven decades of her life she was acting. She said “ I wouldn’t want to do anything else.” She was a beloved actress and made many great movies, she starred in a total of over 20 popular movies, all having over 70 for a rotten tomatoes rating. Betty White started her acting career in highschool by playing in school theatre. After high school, she went into modeling, appearing on front page newspapers and billboards before getting on shows and movies. She became one of the most famous actors in 1980-2018 before winding down her career, but still going on shows such as The View and Morning Show. In September of 1985, the famous show The Golden Girls aired where Betty White was most commonly known in those years, with the show featuring four women living their lives together in Miami. When the show ended in May of 1992, Betty was asked to be in tons of comedy shows. She turned down most and only chose the roles she thought fit her best. 

Betty’s Net Worth was around $75 million, she was also a lover of animals and even owned a pet orangutan named Elka. In her will, she wrote that  she wanted all her money to go to local animal charities and refugees. She had no kids but when she married her late husband Allen Ludden, she married into three step kids. Because of her job she never had time to have kids of her own and also married 3 times, but third times the charm marrying a man that had three children making her a legal guardian and a stepmom. She met Allen on the game show he hosted called Password. Betty White joined him for the game, kicking them off as a couple and getting married a while later. When getting married she kept her last name due to the profile she created for herself.

Her death took a toll on her fans and friends, with many leaving morals and painting of her. Sharing laughter and tears about her leaving and even celebrating her birthday anyways to show the love for her.

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