Dolphin Tale Dolphin Dies

When the hit marine mammal movie, Dolphin Tale, came out in 2011, it created the main dolphin a star. 

Winter was found tangled in a net on a beach when they rescued her, which later caused her to lose her tail. After months of trying new products and figuring out possibilities, the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida had a prosthetic tail made for Winter. Unfortunately, on November 11, 2021, Winter died from her intestines being entangled due to her previous health problems. 

The prosthetic tail dramatically helped to move her tail normally up and down, instead of moving back and forth without one. According to, the prosthetic tail was made by the Hanger Clinic in Clearwater Aquarium out of special silicone gel, due to a dolphin’s skin being fragile. The special silicone is Winter’s own product, WintersGel, and is used for human prosthetics as well. According to, Winter’s disability also made her more susceptible to more health issues.

Winter has inspired others with disabilities and illnesses all across the world and even had a program dedicated to this audience called the Inspire program. 

According to, when the movie Dolphin Tale was filmed, Winter was also the youngest dolphin in the movie at 10 years old. Although, in Dolphin Tale 2, the new dolphin, Hope, was about 3 months old. Nonetheless, Winter will be remembered and honored with private staff and public memorials. 

A memorial for Winter at the Clearwater aquarium

Winter will be in all of our hearts as the dolphin that inspired everyone. She lived a good life and was good company to the staff, volunteers, and visitors at the Clearwater aquarium.  

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