Traffic in Florida

By: Summer Livengood

During the holidays Florida’s roads sure do get busy. Many accidents, injuries, and many violations. On the holiday weeks, the last thing you want is a ticket or something worse to happen. There are many things you can do to prevent something from happening to you.  

There are many ways to get from place to place taking a bus, plane, and even by boating. You are more likely to get in a fatal car crash than any other motorized vehicle. Over 2,200 people were killed in 2019 in these accidents, however, there were fewer in 2020 due to COVID restrictions. But during the Thanksgiving season in 2021, there were over 100 car crashes, 10 deaths, and 92 injuries resulting from the crashes. Some tests have concluded that the Christmas season of 2021 will have over 200 crashes and multiple injuries. 

Staying safe out there is a number one priority. Make sure you are awake, and if you feel that you are tired and going to fall asleep while driving, pull over to sleep on the side of the road in a safe area or get a room at a hotel. Make sure to get out of your car every couple of  hours to stretch and move to make sure no pain or muscle aches are to come. Drink lots of fluids so you aren’t dehydrated, and so you don’t have muscle and/or stomach aches, along with headaches. After a long drive to the keys you don’t want headaches.

If you are in an accident call 911 and if you are injured stay still and where you are unless you’re in even more danger. In 1996,a man in the Florida Keys was in a bad accident shooting him out of the car through the windshield and onto the street. He laid there awake and without moving was then hit by another car.  

Please stay safe, see your loved ones and keep awake. Which Will keep you safe and others.

Image from: Miami Herald

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