What is the SCP Foundation

The SCP foundation is a collaborative wikipedia for horror writers across the internet, which was made on January 13, 2008. 

In the universe of the SCP foundation, there is a fictional secret organization, tasked by the government with the mission to “secure, contain and protect”all creatures and objects, and study them. The creatures that they contain and protect are dubbed as “SCPs.” Despite its secretive premise, the Foundation is entrusted by governments around the world to capture and contain various unexplained phenomena that defy the known laws of nature which include things such as; living beings and creatures, artifacts and objects, locations and places, abstract concepts, and incomprehensible entities which display supernatural abilities or other extremely unusual properties. If left uncontained, many of the more dangerous anomalies will pose a serious threat to humans or even all life on Earth. Their existence is hidden and withheld from the general public in order to prevent mass hysteria, and allow human civilization to continue functionally normally.

Whenever an SCP anomaly is discovered, teams of undercover Foundation agents called a “Mobile Task Force” (MTF) are deployed to either collect and transport the object to a Foundation facility or to contain it at the location of discovery if transportation is not possible. If an anomaly is too widespread, elusive, or otherwise inaccessible, alternative containment methods are used for them.The foundation acquires human test subjects, known as D-class personnel, and forces them to interact with SCPs in science experiments or containment procedures, due to the potential danger posed by some SCPs and the expandability of the D-class. The Foundation maintains documentation for all SCPs which they are aware of, which can include  links to related files. These documents describe the SCPs and include instructions for keeping them safely contained as well as incident reports or experimentation logs.

Apart from the Foundation itself, there are numerous rival organizations collectively referred to as Groups Of Interest or GOIs, which are also aware of the existence of paranormal phenomena and interact with them for various purposes. Examples of these include the Chaos Insurgency, a splinter group of various members of a former foundation MTF unit whic utilizes SCPs as weapons of mass destruction. There is also the Global Occult Coalition (GOC), a secret paramilitary agency of the United Nations (UN) which specializes in destroying supernatural threats instead of containing them.Then there lies the Serpent’s hand, a militant group which advocates for the rights of anomalous beings, resisting both the Foundation and the GOC’s efforts to suppress all paranormal activity worldwide. There are more of these groups but they are not well-known (or worth talking about), either because they aren’t important enough or are insignificant to the upper members of the foundation and the other big groups. Usually, they seek to sell SCPs for profit of some kind or keep them as trophies, but again, they are not the most important aspect to be discussing.

Now more attraction to the main part of the SCP universe are the anomalies themselves. An example of one creature is SCP-173, which is a homicidal statue in which if you look away from the statue, it will kill you by going behind you and snapping your neck.. 

SCP-173 - SCP Foundation


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