The Art of Scorigami

By: Gus Wilson

On social media, fans of all National Football League (NFL) teams are prominent. People from all around the world root for the variety of the 32 teams. However, there is another aspect of the NFL that people will root for: the art of Scorigami.

Photo provided by Barstool Sports

Obviously, after every NFL game, there is a final score. Throughout each season, these final scores are sometimes the same, or even the same as ones in seasons past. When the final score of one of these games has never repeated in NFL history, it’s an example of Scorigami. Since the NFL started keeping track of scores, there have been 1,069 unique score combinations throughout history. The most recent Scorigami happened this season on Thursday Night Football on November 4th, 2021 between the New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts, with the final being 45 to 30.

The idea of tracking Scorigami was started by Jon Bois, an avid sports fan. Currently, @NFL_Scorigami, a twitter account tracks every single game score and throughout the game, gives percentages of how likely it is for the game to end in a Scorigami.

Whether you are an NFL fan or not, the next time you watch an NFL game, you have something to cheer for the art of Scorigami.

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