HNDRXX Future Album Review

  Future is most well known for his non-caring and destructive lifestyle, but in HNDRXX, Future opens up and shows a more vulnerable side to him. While Future was more open at the start of his career in regards to relationships on this album, Future goes more in-depth into his life and other issues he faces.

            Track one, My Collection, is as toxic as it gets with a dark beat and Future going in with his usual style. The hook shows this toxicity to the best with him saying: “Won’t get a response from me, ain’t no confessions, before I tell a lie won’t tell you nothing.” This track is a personal favorite of mine as Future showed no mercy and made a timeless intro to this album. Track two, Comin Out Strong (feat. The Weeknd), is another really good track to open the album with. Both The Weeknd and Future both did a great job on this track, especially The Weeknd as the hook on this track is catchy and keeps you coming back to the song. Track three, Lookin Exotic, is an upbeat and hard-hitting track that was another one that caught my attention on my first listen. When I first heard this album, the first 3 track run was what made me excited to listen to the rest and this track was what really set my expectations high for the duration of the album. Track four, Damage, is a track that switches between a slow hook and a faster style in the verses which makes for a great mixture. This track starts to set up the vibe for the rest of the album, starting to dive into some more deep topics. Track five, Use Me, is where things really kick off emotionally for the album with one of Future’s most emotional performances on any track he’s ever made. At the very start of the song, you can hear the true emotion Future uses with cracks in the autotune and some of the ad-libs also having some of the same. This track is one of my favorites as it’s relatable, the hook is catchy as any of his songs, and the emotion in this song is truly special. 

                 Track six, Incredible, has a happier vibe with the beat but the lyrics still dive into some of the same topics as some of the rest of the album. I feel like this track is one of the weaker ones on the album but still not a bad song, just not one that I personally playback. Track seven, Testify, goes back to the toxicity Future’s so well known for with lyrics like: “So you wanna fall for the bad guy,” and, “Anytime I’m with you gotta testify.” Again, this track is definitely weaker than a majority of the album, but still not bad, just average. Track eight, Fresh Air, brings the energy back to the album with a great vibe and catchy hook. On my first listen, this track was literally a breath of fresh air as I had never heard Future make any music with this kind of vibe before, and it opened my eyes to his true diversity. It also brings the album back to form after the two average tracks before it. Track nine, Neva Missa Lost, brings things down once more as it’s another slow psychedelic track. The thing Future was able to perfect on this album was opening up himself while making everything incredibly catchy as well, which once again he does on this song. Track ten, Keep Quiet, is another catchy track but again upbeat with a hard hitting beat. This track reminds me of Fresh Air as Keep Quiet is upbeat and both tracks have similar hard-hitting beats. Track eleven, Hallucinating, is probably the slowest track throughout its entirety but Future really does his thing regardless. With a mesmerizing beat with some very nice samples included and a great performance by Future, it makes for a really nice track. 

               Track twelve, I Thank U, is a thank you note to Future’s old lover which brings it back to some more toxic kind of lyrics. The hook perfectly represents this with Future saying: “Girl, I thank you, cause you made me hustle.” Track thirteen, New Illuminati, continues the fantastic beats on this album in another solid track. I think one of the best parts of this album was Future’s ability to fit the vibe of each beat perfectly which on this track he did once again. Track fourteen, Turn On Me, starts to bring the album into the peak of Future opening up and letting the world know about how he feels. Future says: “I seen a so-called good girl turn on me,” and, “I told you from the start you were gonna turn on me.” Future again rides on this beat perfectly and really creates a vibey track that has a deeper meaning especially once you listen to the album. Track fifteen, Selfish (feat. Rihanna), is a fantastic track in which Rihanna really shows out. The two make for a great duo on this track and the mixing of the song is really nice at the part where both of their vocals layer on top of each other. Track sixteen, Solo, is another song with an incredible beat which is a big credit to the production on this album. It definitely sets up perfectly for the next song on the album which is one of the best Future tracks ever. Track seventeen, Sorry, while the name is simple, it speaks for itself and this track is really just incredible. While Future may not have the best voice, his ability to relay his emotion so easily is a gift in music not many have. On this track, he showcases that perfectly and for seven straight minutes pours his heart out and puts down each verse with passion and near perfection. The track is also super relatable to me and in general which helps it a lot, and in my opinion, while it isn’t the final song, it definitely feels like the closer to this album. Track eighteen, PIE (feat. Chris Brown), had a big task to follow up on after the last track and did a great job. The track is catchy and both Future and Brown do their part greatly, the hook, “I turn a side piece to a nine piece,” is just a classic Future kinda line as well. The final song at number nineteen, You da Baddest (feat. Nicki Minaj), is a solid closer to this fantastic album. While I still feel like Sorry should have been the closer as it fits perfectly, this track is still pretty good but not at the peak of my list of best songs on this album. 

              HNDRXX is one of my favorite albums of all time and while it may not impress on the first listen for some, over time, you gain a great appreciation for the album. To see an artist who doesn’t go into love too much and takes a dive into other issues really makes for an interesting listen and in this case, Future made a classic. I give this album a 9/10 and while some songs may lack, I feel the highs on this album overshadow the lows that much. I definitely recommend giving this album a listen especially if you have heard Future’s music before and enjoyed it.

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