Parkland shooter pleads guilty

By: Summer Livengood

On February 14, 2018 a suspended student (Nickolas Cruz). Walked into school, walked through the doors and pulled the fire alarm. When the fire alarm went off there were over 1,000 students walking into that hallway. In all the chaos the students lined up and started heading out the doors to the fire lanes. Soon as students started walking out Nickolaus Cuz opened fire on the students. Students ran back into classrooms, and even ran around and past Nickolaus Cruz. Killing 17 students and teachers in all. 

He was then taken down by police. Brought in to interrogate he then pleaded his fifth, not talking to anyone without a lawyer. In his hours in the interrogation room he showed signs of unstable behavior. Having this, he and his lawyer plead mentally unstable. Trying to change to hospitalization and/or mental institution. The judge was not having it and said he will be charged with an adult sentence and was perfectly sane when he walked into the school. 

In one of Nickolas Cruz’s interviews saying “there was no target. I just wanted them to hurt. The way they hurt me.” This statement said that is the only one he has told but it is not on the police record. Saying they can’t use that source against him. On October 17, 2021 the young teen went to court. For months he has pleaded not guilty. On October he walked in the court sat down and plead guilty on multiple counts of murder. In court he has started crying and pleading. Showing signs of aggression and sadness. He will be sent to jail for the maximum sentence of life and could even be sentenced to death. 

After pleading guilty he was taken into the jail where he is being held until the court makes its final decision on the time he will spend in maximum prison. All of these schools around the world are making students and teachers practicing school shooting drills. Also, making students wait 15 seconds when fire drills are called. In this he will be in court again between November 1-10.

Image from times of India

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