Asteroids coming to Earth 

By: Sophia Powell

 NASA has published some articles that multiple asteroids bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza are going to be passing by Earth in the coming weeks of October and November. The diameter of the asteroid is up to 525 feet, barely passing the Pyramid of Giza at 482 feet long. NASA has already named this asteroid 2021 SM3, they discovered it last month and it will be passing by Earth on Friday. According to USA Today, “An object of that size would be enough to “cause local damage to the impact area” if it were to hit Earth.” If the catastrophic event of an asteroid hitting Earth were to actually happen, tons of dust and smoke would rise into our atmosphere preventing sunlight from reaching us and that would cause the total temperature around the world to plummet. Scientists say that the closest 2021 SM3 will come to Earth is about 3.6 million miles away, which is closer to us than any other planet in our solar system. 2021 SM3 is not the only asteroid heading our way, of all the asteroids 1996 VB3 will be coming the closest to Earth at a whopping 2.1 million miles away, with a diameter of 754 feet long. 1996 VB3 will be strolling by us on October 20 on the evening of the Blood Moon. 1996 VB3 was discovered on November 9th, 1996 and has stayed in Earth’s orbit ever since. Shortly after 1996 VB3 goes by, another massive asteroid known as 2017 SJ20 with a diameter of about 190 meters long which is twice the size of the Statue of Liberty will also be coming by saying hello to Earth. 2017 SJ20 will go by on October 25th of this year. There are also seven other large asteroids making their way towards us by the end of November. The biggest one being 2004 UE with the diameter of 1,246 feet which is only a couple feet shorter than the Empire State Building. It will be approximately 2.6 million miles away from Earth, and will be passing through on November 13th. Although it is not likely that the asteroids will actually hit Earth or even come remotely close to affecting us it is still possible.

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