Women Sues Kellogs for False Presentations

Kellogs is being sued for supposedly not having only strawberries in their strawberry Pop-Tart. Illinois resident Anita Harris filed a lawsuit against Kellogs in August. She is claiming that the Strawberry Pop-Tarts are misleading because they don’t have a sufficient amount of real strawberries in them. She filed a $5 million lawsuit and called the Pop-Tart ¨false, misleading, and deceptive.¨

Many judges are biased on the lawsuit, with some saying Kellogs has not produced their product the right way. Others say if the customers just took time to read the ingredients on the nutrition label, then there would not be a problem. There is a judge that said he does not think that the lawsuit will succeed.

When you think about it, they didn’t lie because if you read the ingredients, it tells you that there are other fruits in it. However,  that is still misleading because the majority of people do not read the ingredients whenever they are buying things. Also, people might think that they are getting health benefits from the Pop-Tarts and there is barely anything that is healthy.

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