First Female Varsity High School Football Player in New York Scores Touchdown

By: Gus Wilson

On September 18th, 2021, history was made in New York, more specifically in Long Island. Mepham High School’s varsity football team faced off against Roslyn on Saturday, in which they came out with the victory. However, the history-changing moment wasn’t the win, it was when wide receiver Sofia LaSpina caught a touchdown pass on her third catch of the game, making her the first female varsity player to ever score a touchdown in Long Island.

LaSpina, who is only 15 years old, has been playing with team captain Dominick Novello since they were 10 years old. “They don’t treat me any different,” LaSpina said in an interview with CBS. LaSpina was immediately gifted the game ball. She also plays softball, but she seems very focused on football. “If I’m loving the sport so much and I want to play in college, then I might try it,” LaSpina said about playing football her senior year of high school. 

Sofia LaSpina is sure to inspire many others, especially if she goes to play college football, which she has expressed interest in.

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