Former Florida Gators Women´s Basketball Players Give Details About the Abuse by Their Former Head Coach

Five former women basketball players from the Florida Gators were abused by their former coach Came Newbauer. They said that they couldn´t make one mistake because he would get furious. He would throw basketballs at them, make racially offensive comments, and make them cry. Newbauer announced his resignation on July 16, 2021, saying it was due to personal reasons. 

He made it very hard to play behind him. They labeled him as racist and homophobic. He would make insensitive comments about many Black players on the team. He would make some players throw their clothes away because they were too masculine. He would tell the gay players on the team that he ¨didn’t like the way they looked or presented themselves.¨

He never knew when to stop being rude and hurtful. After working with him, many players lost their passion for basketball. The players understood that being a coach can be frustrating at times but they said his behavior didn’t compare to ordinary coach frustration. 

He even treated his assistant coaches poorly. He would make them cry and if one of them would try to talk at practice he would tell them to shut up. Everybody felt the same way about him, except for his family. None of his actions would affect them.

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