Covid-19 Booster Shots

When the world was hit with the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an immediate divide between the cautious and careless people. It has been almost a year and a half, and there are three vaccines, and there will be a booster shot mainly for people at a higher risk. That is great, but it’s new, and there’s not much information on it right now. As usual, that leads people to be a little skeptical about it, but there are requirements that you need to have to get it, the ages you have to be, and general information.

To get the Covid-19 booster shot, there are some requirements. This will help prioritize the higher risk people with diseases, disabilities, and the elderly. If someone works somewhere where they are more exposed to Covid-19, they too will be prioritized for the booster shot. As of now, says that people older than 65 and 50-64 with underlying conditions should get it. While people 18-49 may get it if they want. 

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Currently, there is information on the shot, but it’s mainly just general information. The specific information will most likely be available later on. According to, “Data from a small clinical trial show that a Pfizer BioNTech booster shot increased the immune response in trial recipients who finished their primary six months earlier.” That is one objective for the booster shot because you will be more immune to Covid-19. In that case, people who get it will either not get Covid-19 at all or have exclusively low symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said that because of waning immunity, which is more time passing since the shots and decreasing protection, it is becoming less effective for frontline workers. The waning immunity could also strike risk for the number of people thinking about getting the first vaccine because if they hear that it’s not as practical after a few months, the people won’t want to get it. Although in the long run, it will be effective because more people will be better immune, and in theory, the total cases will decrease because there will be some herd immunity. 

Some of the reasons people are afraid to get them are because they have heard of the rumors and myths about the vaccines. The biggest myth about vaccines is that they have microchips in them. Based on, that is incorrect, and none of the Covid-19 vaccines have microchips in them. The vaccines are not made to track you; they help you fight against the disease. Another popular myth is that some vaccines make some people magnetic. This is false, and Covid-19 vaccines do not make you magnetic. stated, “All Covid-19 vaccines are free from metals.” Additionally, all the other ingredients in it are not capable of making electromagnetic fields. 

Ultimately, there is information on the Covid-19 booster shots. Although, there are requirements needed to get the shot when it comes out. Perhaps, if enough people get this booster shot, we might fully get back to “normal” whatever “normal” is anymore. 

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