KWHS 2021 Senior Superlative Winners

Every year, Key West High School (KWHS) seniors prepare to move on to the next step of their lives with many activities. One of the most traditional of these activities is the Senior Superlatives. The class of 2021 voted for who they believed deserved the most recognition.

(Left to Right) Nicolas Gonzalez and Marie Willy are proudly accepting their superlative title. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

“Best All Around” 

By Emily Bracher

One of the biggest achievements in high school is to receive the title of being the Best All Around. This year, for the 2021 class, the recipients were Marie Willy and Nicolas Gonzalez.

Marie Willy has been involved in Executive Board throughout her high school career, where she held the role of president for three years; Student Council, where she was treasurer her Junior year and secretary her senior year.; Z-Club, Beta Club, National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Arts of the World, and the Conch Student Leadership Team. She was captain of the varsity girls soccer team and participated in Conchettes from her sophomore to junior year. Marie has been a referee for American Youth Soccer Organization and has been a part of many community service projects such as beach cleanups that she organized herself. In her spare time, she is a Key West Ambassador who advocates for more green space for youth activities. On top of all of that, Marie was titled Homecoming Queen for the class of 2021.

Marie’s future includes attending the University of Central Florida, where she will be majoring in Marketing and Business Administration. “Whatever I participate in or organize, I put 100 percent in and devote my time to help others and positively impact the school, sports, and my community,” said Marie. Her effort put into numerous activities perfectly sums up why she is considered the best all-around.

“I display Conch Pride by dedicating my time and commitment to the clubs and sport I am involved in. I persevered through the rigorous courses I took and the problems that I faced. I am always enthusiastic about everything I do,” stated Marie. “Conch Pride means to be a part of a family living on a small island; Conch Pride connects each one of us in various ways.”

Nicolas Gonzalez has been a member of the Student Council, Executive Board, a french horn player in Band, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and ran Cross Country and Track. He will be attending the University of Florida in the fall, majoring in political science.

“I was a jack of all trades throughout high school. I have been involved in so many activities”, said Nicolas, which is why he fits this category so perfectly. “I try to strive to achieve in my extracurricular and school activities.”

To Nicolas, Conch Pride means to be “respectful, to be a good example for others in the future to follow, and to be kind to other people.”

(Left to Right) Will Andrews and Jessica Nitti are demonstrating their superlative award. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

“Hardest Worker”

By Ella Hall

Even with the multiple challenges this year, Jessica Nitti and Will Andrews still focused and pushed through the obstacles, earning the “Hardest Worker” senior superlative award at Key West High School (KWHS). “I give 110% with everything I do. I am not satisfied until a task has been done to the very best of my ability,” said Nitti. Likewise, Andrews stated, “I was never blessed as a natural athlete like most of the guys around me, but I was able to catch up and surpass a lot of them because I worked harder.” 

Leading up to this award, both recipients have been a part of a variety of clubs. Nitti has served as the Senior Executive Board Historian, Zonta Club President, and Editor in Chief of The Snapper. She is also a member of Student Council, Peer Mentoring, Beta Club, Interact Club and was a broadcast anchor for the KWHS Morning Announcements. Andrews participated in football, track and field, and wrestling, carrying his wrestling talents to regionals in Florida. 

Regarding their futures, both have a bright road ahead of them. Their hard work and dedication will help them shine like a star in university. Nitti will be attending the University of Florida to study Broadcast Journalism in the fall, and Andrews will be attending Florida State University in the fall for Cyber Criminology. After college, Andrews plans on serving four years in the military. 

Without a doubt, both beneficiaries deserved each award, even if they thought so or not. “I do not think that there is a superlative that fits me better than this one,” said Nitti. “I have been prioritizing school and education since I was in elementary school, and I have been staying focused, working hard, and remaining diligent will bring me closer to my goals and dreams.” Furthermore, Andrews feels the same. “I think what qualified me to earn ‘Hardest Worker’ was my mental toughness and just my grit and determination in everything I do,” stated Andrews. When he was younger, Andrews was smaller than most guys on his sports teams, but over time he strengthened his body, later succeeding in his sporting events. 

Both receivers being awarded this superlative was not a magic trick, but they saw this award in a different light. “I was surprised to receive my superlative,” said Nitti. “I know that I am a hardworking person, but I did not expect to receive this kind of recognition from my class.” Working hard isn’t just about doing it for the college resume, but doing it because you want to succeed, which was demonstrated by Nitti and Andrews when receiving this award. 

When they head off into the “real world,” both of these future college freshmen will take the energy of their hardworking drive, Conch Pride. “I am proud to be a Conch, and although I’ll be leaving home in just a few months, I’ll be sure to take my Conch Pride with me,” said Nitti.

“Most Likely To Succeed” 

By Jessica Nitti and Ella Hall

Throughout Key West High School (KWHS), many students work extremely hard to gain success in their academics and extracurriculars. Each year, the senior class decides on two students who go above and beyond in this aspect. They are considered the “Most Likely to Succeed” in their class. The students awarded this title for the Class of 2021 are Michael Alfonso and Marsella Munoz. 

“I have worked very hard to achieve what I have and it was all through dedication, passion, and perseverance,” explained Munoz in response to why she deserved this superlative. “I’m humbled that my classmates recognized my passion for protecting the coral reefs and the steps I have made towards my future goals.” Likewise, Alfonso stated, “I believe that I received this superlative because my classmates have seen me put in the time and effort to become the best version of myself.” 

Around KWHS, both recipients were involved heavily in their activities, demonstrating to students that they can succeed no matter what they are doing. Munoz was involved with Zonta Club, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Aviation, Environmental Science Club, and Keys To Be The Change. Adding on, she was involved with extracurricular activities outside of school, such as the DiveN2Life organization, and National Parks Conservation Association. As stated before, Munoz is very passionate about protecting the coral reefs. Over the past five years, she has lobbied and spread awareness for the environment to extreme lengths, such as going to the Capitol in Washington D.C. 

Meanwhile, Alfonso has been working hard on improving his baseball skills and techniques, making the KWHS varsity baseball team for all four years as their starting pitcher and shortstop. In addition, he was involved in Chess Club and graduated from the Take Stock In Children program.

After graduation, both beneficiaries will head off to college to pursue their passions successfully. Munoz will be attending Florida State University on a Biological Sciences Track, majoring in Microbiology with a focus in marine science. After her Bachelor’s, she is pursuing furthering her education until she hits her PhD. Alfonso will be heading to Indian River State College to play baseball and major in Civil Engineering. 

When they leave high school, both recipients will always carry one trait with them, Conch Pride. “Conch Pride is staying true to yourself, following your goals, persevering through obstacles, being kind to others, and giving back to your community,” said Munoz. “I have tried my best to stay true to these morals throughout my time at KWHS.”

“Most School Spirit”

By Grayson Acevedo

One of the most anticipated superlatives each year is the school spirit award and this year another lucky two students took the prize. This year, Nicholas Henriquez and Emily Cassis received the award. 

Nicholas Henriquez over his high school career has been an avid athlete playing football and lacrosse over the years. He also has participated in many out of school activities such as being a coach for girls flag football, helping set up 5th grade track meets, and helping out at the local seafood festival. Participating in these activities not only show how true his love for the school is, but also for the city of Key West. Nicholas’ initial reaction to winning the school pride award was that he was expecting it. He said, “In all honesty I wasn’t surprised because not a lot of people genuinely love this school and what it stands for, which I do”. Nicholas also stated his reasoning behind why he thought people voted for him, “Because everyone knows I get rowdy and excited for events, whatever it may be. I just hype it up and tell everyone to come.” Nicholas will further his academic career by attending Santa Fe College for a year. Before that, he plans to transfer to either the University of Florida or the University of Tampa studying business administration.

Emily Cassis, the winner of the award on the girls side, has been a cheerleader for all four years as well as being a member of the competitive cheerleading group. She also was a member of the executive board for the school. Emily’s reaction to winning the award was that she was “Honored and excited.” “Being a cheerleader for 4 years has really brought out the utmost school spirit in me while cheering on my school.” said she. Emily will be attending Florida State University to study child psychology.

Another big congratulations to both winners and best of luck in their future ventures in life!

“Most Athletic” 

By Gus Wilson

To recognize the best senior athletes at Key West High School (KWHS), the senior class voted on one boy and one girl to win the “Most Athletic” senior superlative for their class. For the 2021 graduates, Logan Pellicier and Jenna Domenech were voted by their peers to be recognized as the best overall athletes for the class of 2021.

Logan Pellicier was on the Conchs football and varsity baseball team during his time at the high school. “I think my athletic ability and achievements qualify me for this superlative,” explained Pellicier. He will continue his baseball career into college, attending Polk State to pursue his love of the sport. Pellicier was honored to win this award and believes it was due to what he’s “shown in athletics for the last four years.” He doesn’t believe any of the other senior superlatives fit him better as a person. Pellicier displayed Conch Pride by the hard work he put in every game.

Jenna Domenech was selected as the Most Athletic girl in the senior class. During her high school career, she was on varsity soccer all four years and a part of the track team for three years. She was also on the 2021 Executive Board, Zonta Club, and Yearbook. Similar to Pellicier, Domenech is continuing her sporting career into college. She will be playing soccer at Concord University in West Virginia. “I think I received this superlative because my hard work and dedication shows to others,” Domenech said. “I was extremely happy when I received most athletic because to me that just lets me know that my hard work pays off and it doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Both of these athletes are sure to make a difference in the next level. Good luck to Pellicier and Domenech!

“Unsung Hero”

By Ella Hall

With all the chaos going on this school year, it was undoubtedly hard to stand out, with COVID-19 taking the spotlight. Still, Blake Arencibia and Isabella Dell-Api managed to snag the “Unsung Hero” superlative, an award granted at Key West High School (KWHS) to some of its most special seniors.

Because Arencibia and Dell-Api did great things without recognition, they still were honored at the end of the day for their humbleness. “I received this superlative because I am quiet and low-key about my achievements,” said Arencibia. Likewise, Dell-Api stated, “My peers recognized my consistent ability to serve the community.”

In the fall, Arencibia will be headed off to Florida State Fire College to pursue a career in the fire department, while Dell-Api will be heading to Nova Southern University to major in Legal Studies. Leading up to this, both recipients were in a variety of extracurriculars. Arencibia was in baseball for all four years of high school and joined the KWHS Fire Academy his junior year. Dell-Api was in Keys To Be The Change, Zonta Club, and National Honor Society for the past four years. In addition, she was part of the Misty’s, an advanced female choir at KWHS, and the Media Coordinator of the Book Club for three years.

When receiving this superlative, both Arencibia and Dell-Api had similar reactions. “I was shocked when I heard I received ‘Unsung Hero,’ said Arencibia. Likewise, Dell-Api described her response as “O.M.G.,” showing her excitement for people recognizing her hidden dedication.

Before heading off to college, each recipient will take something with them, Conch Pride. Over these past four years, Arencibia and Dell-Api pushed through each obstacle without the recognition they very much deserved and just did things for the love of their community. “To me, Conch Pride is to persevere through hardships, respecting others, and dedication and commitment to my school,” said Arencibia.

Evelyn Neilson is celebrating her graduation from Key West High School. Photo Provided by Evelyn Neilson

“Most Intellectual”

By Jessica Nitti

Senior superlatives are something that all of the Key West High School (KWHS) students look forward to. One of these superlatives is “Most Intellectual.” For many students, doing well in school is only a personal victory, and no one else ever notices. In this case, their peers have recognized their efforts and voted for them. This year the recipients of the “Most Intellectual” superlative is Nico Concepcion and Evelyn Neilson.

During his time at KWHS, Concepcion has been involved in many activities. In athletics, he was on the Key West High School Tennis team for four years, and was designated captain of the Tennis team his senior year. He was also a member of the National Honor Society (NHS), Mu Alpha Theta, and the Senior Executive Board. 

Neilson is also a very involved student. She has been a member of Keys to be the Change for three years and served as the vice president her senior year. She was also the vice president of Mu Alpha Theta and was a part of the book club and NHS. 

After high school, Concepcion plans to attend the University of Florida where he will be majoring in Psychology on a pre-law track. He plans to attend law school and either go into criminal defense or constitutional law. Like Concepcion, Neilson has been accepted to the University of Florida and plans to earn a degree in food science. 

Both Concepcion and Neilson felt pride in receiving such a positive title from their peers. Concepcion was very honored to receive this superlative because it meant that people were recognizing his ambition and hard-working mentality. He has had a very strong work ethic especially when it comes to academics and since a young age. “I have always tried to be the smartest and most thoughtful person I can be and various other achievements throughout my academic career,” stated Concepcion. 

Neilson was surprised to receive this recognition, but was honored that her class thought of her in this way.  “I was a bit surprised that I actually ended up getting it and that most people thought of me, I was not campaigning to get it, so it was nice that people thought of me,” said Neilson. Neilson does not think that she is the most intellectual person when looking at others. She imagines someone intellectual as someone who wants to have analytical and philosophical conversations, but that’s not really her. However, she does think this title fits her since she is really dedicated to school and has done well in difficult classes. “I am really dedicated to school and have made it my priority through my participation in class and getting high grades, so I can see why people saw me as intellectual,” said Neilson.

At KWHS, Conch Pride is an important virtue for all students. Concepcion  and Neilson show Conch Pride in many ways. “I display conch pride through my work ethic and the heart that I put into everything I do and have done throughout my life,” said Concepcion. To him, conch pride means being the best person you can be and he is determined to carry that with him through his entire life.

To Neilson, Conch Pride means caring about the school. “I display Conch Pride by doing my best in all of my classes and being a dedicated student,” stated Neilson. She has been awarded the Conch Pride awards for english and work ethic. 

“Most Courteous”

By Kelci Grooms

A courteous person is someone who is polite, well-mannered, and shows a significant amount of respect for others. Each year, the graduating class of Key West High School (KWHS) selects two students from their class who exemplify this trait. For the class of 2021, they voted Ray Brogli and Maecee Rengil as the Most Courteous.

Both students have been very involved throughout their years at KWHS. Brogli dedicated much of his time and energy to the cross country and lacrosse teams while also volunteering to help set up local 5k runs and the annual Conchettes Capers. Rengil also had many impressive commitments as a member of the National Honor Society, Class of 2021 Executive Board, Peer Mentoring, Take Stock in Children, Zonta Club, Beta Club, Student Council, Environmental Club, and the historian for Interact Club.

Hearing such praises from one’s classmates comes as a surprise for many and truly brightens one’s day. “I was very honored to have received this superlative,” Brogli said. “It’s reassuring knowing that people notice my actions and that they appreciate it.” Although both surprised, Rengil and Brogli both agreed that the honor was a good assessment of their character.

Both these soon-to-be graduates have plans for a bright future. Rengil will be attending the University of Central Florida (UCF) and majoring in biomedical science on the pre-dental track. Her career goal is to become an orthodontist. Brogli will also be attending UCF and will be majoring in economics with a minor in astronomy.

Conch Pride is essential to our tight-knit community, and these two students are shining examples of demonstrating it. “I believe I display Conch Pride through staying on top of my academics, being involved in my community in any way, serving others, and befriending everyone,” Rengil said. “To me, Conch Pride means being involved in the community and helping others.” Brogli also shared similar views. “The way I display Conch Pride is by treating other conchs like family,” said Brogli. “Conch Pride to me is being able to trust each other and be there for people.”

“Best Looking”

By Jessica Nitti

The students who receive the “Best Looking” superlative have both inward and outward beauty. These two Conchs are Ryan Gage and RJ Lewis.

Gage was not expecting to receive a superlative, especially Best Looking. Her reaction was humbled, and she was honored to carry on the tradition after her sister Rikki Shea, who received “Best Looking” in 2017. “I can not say I was expecting it because you never really know with these things but I knew that there are many gorgeous girls with beauty that goes far beyond their good looks,” said Gage.  She believes her class made good choices in selecting superlatives, and she is happy with the superlative the Class of 2021 chose for her.

Gage hopes that she was chosen for this superlative not just because of her outer appearance but also her personality and how she acts towards people. Gage stated that being pretty on the outside is not everything. It is important to be just as beautiful on the inside.  She believes that one’s generosity is far more important than their physical attractiveness. “I always make it a point to be courteous and kind to everyone and I’m glad it can be shown through receiving this superlative,” said Gage

During her high school years, Gage has been very involved. She played volleyball for the last four years and was named team captain her senior year, while being an active member in the Executive Board, Student Council, Art for The World, Zonta Club, and Conch Campus Restoration Club. 

Since Gage was a little girl, she has been surrounded by conch pride in her everyday life. She explained how the majority of her family attended Key West High and always emphasized the importance of conch pride in the community.  In Gage’s high school years, she has demonstrated Conch Pride by always carrying her head high and setting a good example for her peers in every way possible. Her main goal was to make her school and community proud.

After high school, Gage plans to attend Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, and major in Sociology. Helping people is something that she is passionate about, and she wants a career that reflects this.

RJ Lewis was anything but expecting to receive the “Best Looking” superlative and was shocked to hear his name called over the announcements. “I was campaigning for this superlative, but I never imagined I would win,” said Lewis. He appreciates this honor and is flattered that his classmates view him in this way.

The senior class may have recognized Lewis for his good looks through his extracurriculars. He was on the track team for three years of his high school career, and he also played football for two years.  In addition, he was a member of the Senior Executive Board and Fellowship of Christin Athletes. 

After high school, Lewis will be attending Tallahassee Community College to pursue a degree in Sports Management. His ultimate goal is to manage a sports team and have a job in the National Football League. 


By Kelci Grooms

A witty person is someone with a quick mind who displays a great sense of humor. Each year, the graduating class of Key West High School (KWHS) chooses two students that they believe exemplify this trait. For the Class of 2021, they voted for Nectaly Duarte and Anna Saeger. 

Duarte has been a dedicated athlete throughout his high school career. He participated in football and track throughout his four years at KWHS. Additionally, he branched out into soccer his freshman year and wrestling his sophomore year. Regarding Saegar, she was part of the Environmental Club, varsity girls soccer, Senior Executive Board, and Keys To Be The Change. She also is an assistant athletic trainer at KWHS.

For many, hearing such praise from your classmates is surprising. “I didn’t think I would win, but I felt surprised and thrilled,” Duarte said when recalling the superlative announcements. 

Both students were happy to hear that their peers thought of them in such a positive way. When asked if he agreed with their choice, Duarte said, “I think it does suit me because I always try to make someone smile or laugh.” 

After graduation, both students have plans for a bright and successful future. Duarte hopes to become a pilot and firefighter. “I want to travel the world and enjoy my life. I would also like to give back to my amazing community that helped me become the man I am today.”

“Best Dressed”

By Sadie Dodds

The newest “Best Dressed” winners at Key West High School (KWHS) are seniors Rochelle Gill and Michael Chandler. The pair both have unique senses of fashion that truly stood out to their class. As Michael himself says, “I try to dress well in and out of school, and that makes me stick out from everyone else.”

Rochelle and Michael are incredibly grateful for receiving this award, but they both had slightly different reactions. Where Rochelle was surprised — “the others running against me all had amazing different styles that they pulled off so well” — Michael was expecting it. As he says it, “only a few other people were trying to win the same superlative too, and most everyone only spoke about me winning.”

Beyond clothes, Rochelle and Michael are interested in many other things. Rochelle has been involved in sports like volleyball and golf to volunteer-oriented clubs like Zonta (where she is the treasurer) and Conchs Campus Restoration (where she is the Vice President). Michael is on the KWHS Steel Pan Band and Academic Challenge Team. Outside of school, he likes to work on the USCGC Ingham, a ship down by the Truman Waterfront.

The pair both plan to attend in-state colleges. Rochelle will be attending the University of Central Florida, where she will major in Relations and Advertising with

a minor in Digital Media. Michael will be at the University of Florida with a major in Marketing and Graphic Design.

“Best Ride”

By Grayson Acevedo

The best ride award is one that only an exclusive list has the chance of getting. This year Nathan Barroso and Yanessa Camejo had the honor of winning this Key West High School (KWHS) senior superlative. 

Nathan Barroso has been a hard worker in his years at the high school, academically and athletically. He’s played varsity baseball, been on the Student Council, member of the Class of 2021 Executive Board, and member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. “I was stoked and couldn’t believe it,” said Nathan. He also was asked if there was any other award that would have maybe fit him better and he responded to that, saying, “No, not at all this one was perfect.” The car he drives to get him this award is a 2018 Chevy Camaro, a fan favorite car that can produce almost 650 horsepower. Nathan will be attending Florida State University to major in Accounting. He plans to take his award winning car into college, not just kept as a “high school keepsake.” 

Yanessa Camejo, the superlative winner for the girls, has been very involved in her years at KWHS. She was a member of the Conchettes, Beta Club, Class of 2021 Executive Board, Zonta Club, and Conch Campus Restoration Club. Yanessa reacted to winning the superlative at first, saying, “I was really happy because I definitely had some competition with all the other cars at the school.” She also stated, when asked if any other superlative would have been a better fit, “I don’t think any other superlative would have fit better than this one.” Yanessa will attend the University of Central Florida to major in Biology and hopes to become an oral surgeon in the future.

Another big congratulations to both winners and best of luck to them in their future ventures in life!

“Most Changed Since Freshman Year”

By Gus Wilson

A lot can change about someone throughout four years of their life, and we can best see this in high school, among yourself and others. For the class of 2021, Chase Sellers and Alena Garcia’s peers voted them as the boy and girl most changed since freshman year.

“I have changed my life drastically since the start of my high school career to now. I was a chunky kid who hated working on anything, and now I’m a kid who loves to work for what I want,” Sellers explained. Adding on, Sellers said his most significant transformation was his mindset of becoming a hard worker, leading him to begin working out and changing his body. While Sellers did believe the “Hardest Worker” superlative fit him too, he was honored by his class’s decision as “they have seen my hard work and discipline to look how I do now.” He played baseball for two years and was on the Class of 2021 Executive Board for three. In college, Sellers wants to study to become a personal trainer and eventually open a gym.

Garcia was a member of the varsity soccer team, track team, National Honor Society, Class of 2021 Executive Board, Student Council, HOSA, and Zonta Club. “I think my superlative fits me because I feel like I’ve not only physically changed but grown as a person.” Like Sellers, Garcia also believes that she has changed as a person mentally and physically different. “I was shocked and happy when I found out I received the superlative,” said Garcia. She will be attending the University of Central Florida to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Being physically and mentally changed since the start of freshman year gets you voted by your peers to be the most changed since freshman year.

“Most Likely To Become Famous”

By Ella Hall

Make way for Landon Lowe and Julia Niles! They’re heading for the red carpet! For the 2020-2021 school year, Lowe and Niles received the Key West High School (KWHS) senior superlative award for “Most Likely To Become Famous.” At first glance, this award may seem cliche, but in reality, by how your peers view you can be how millions will as well. “I’ve been given countless nicknames that reflect some ‘famous’ persona,” said Lowe. “What’s most important to me is that people see me as a down-to-earth person that values kindness and treats people the right way.”

Being “famous” is more than being well known; it means you’re likable by many. “I’ve made a variety of friends in all different walks of life in my school years and playing sports, so I think a lot of people view me as a friend and someone they can talk to, ” stated Lowe. That being said, Lowe believes that is why he was chosen for this superlative because of his good people skills.

Regarding their futures, Lowe will be attending Indian River State College to play baseball, hoping to get drafted into the Major League Baseball (MLB) shortly after he gets his Bachelor’s degree. He also plans to pursue helping younger children interested in baseball enhance their skills after college. Meanwhile, Niles will be attending Florida State University, majoring in cinematography in her years there. Leading up to this award, both recipients participated in numerous extracurricular activities. For all four years at KWHS, Lowe was part of the varsity baseball team as a starter, and for three years, he was in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In addition, Niles was a part of the 2020 Homecoming Court, Student Council, Yearbook, track and field, the Class of 2021 Executive Board, Zonta Club, and Beta Club.

Before they leave the KWHS stardom, they will take in the appreciation for Conch Pride. “Key West is a unique place, and the people here are like one big family. I’m extremely grateful to have been raised in such a special town,” said Lowe.

Brooke Medina is showing off her elaborate art jacket. Photo Provided by Brooke Medina

“Most Artistic”

By Sadie Dodds

The “Most Artistic” superlative winners for this senior class are Brooke Medina and Justin Tavarez-Moron. The pair are incredibly talented artists, but they did not by any means expect to win this award. Brooke, who only started campaigning a day or so before the voting, felt that her talents lay below her classmates, saying, “I saw a couple of other people who are much better artists than I am, in my opinion, and can do things that I can not post campaigns.”

However, Brooke and Justin’s artistic talents were enough to grab people’s attention. Brooke has been recognized for her expertise before. “I get asked to do projects for others and Coach Stacy assigned me the job of creating the poster for this year’s Conchette Capers,” said Brooke.

The two have interests outside of art as well. Brooke is involved with Conchettes, softball, and the drama club. She also plans to attend Florida Southwestern State College for two years to earn her associate’s degree in crime scene technology before transferring to Florida Gulf Coast University for her remaining two years to earn a Bachelor’s in Forensic Science.

“Best Smile”

By Emily Bracher

The two individuals that the class of 2021 believes have the best smiles are Laila Jones and Malik Hunter. Both have been hardworking students during their past four years at Key West High School (KWHS) and are now being recognized for the smile that they have shown the whole time.

During her four years, Laila Jones has been involved in many extracurricular activities, including the National Honor Society, Z-Club, Beta Club, and was a part of the Executive Board for the class of 2021. She was a prominent leader of the girl’s soccer team and also worked many community service jobs. Her plans after high school include attending the University of South Florida, where she will be majoring in political science.

Laila was super excited when she found out that she had what was considered the best smile and thinks that everyone matched perfectly with their superlatives. In regards to Conch Pride, she believes that it is, “being someone who is active in the community, participates in school activities, and who also has ties to different sports. Additionally, it also means someone who puts others before themselves.”

Throughout Malik Hunter’s time at KWHS, he has been a starting player on the boy’s varsity basketball team and worked at the Boys and Girls Club after school for community service. He plans on playing basketball in college, later studying business so he can start his own.

“I think my superlative fits me because my smile has come a long way from how it was until now. From missing my front row of teeth to having perfectly straight teeth”, exclaimed Malik. He is always smiling and laughing around others, displaying his title of best smile.  

“ ‘Conch Pride’ to me means to be proud of being who you are and what you represent. Everyone has a different meaning for it, but to me, it’s more of an honor to have conch pride because I would not know what to do without it,” stated Malik.

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