Adorable Koalas Might Become Endangered

By: Vivienne Wellet Koalas are cute, fluffy animals that everyone loves, at least, almost everyone. Some people hunt koalas for their pelts to sell and to destroy their habitats through deforestation. There are only about 32,000-58,000 of two different species of the northern koala and the southern koala. Koalas have 30 teeth so they can chew through the food they like including eucalyptus leaves, brush … Continue reading Adorable Koalas Might Become Endangered

Endangered Sea Turtles

By: Vivienne Wellet  Endangered Species are all around the world, and they are endangered because of hunting, fishing, prey, etc. Many sea turtle species are on the endangered list, they are vulnerable to people who poach them for their eggs, meat, skin, and even their shell. Nearly all sea turtle species are endangered now because of debris, nets, etc. Jellyfish are sea turtles’ favorite food, … Continue reading Endangered Sea Turtles

Endangered Wolves in the U.S.

The gray wolves have been fighting extinction since the mid 1900’s. Their population in the United States has been steadily increasing since they were put on the endangered species list in 1974. The wolves are killed for a number of reasons. The main one seeming to be farmers or ranchers hunting them to protect their livestock. Another being that their protections get rolled back far … Continue reading Endangered Wolves in the U.S.