Opportunities Beyond The Norm

Most teenagers decide to jump straight into college after high school without a second thought. According to the United States (US) Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 66.2% of high school graduates immediately enroll into a college or university. However, other options fly past students without them even knowing.  One unique opportunity often not thought of by the average high school student is applying to a … Continue reading Opportunities Beyond The Norm

Differences between the American and Italian school system

In the American movie industry, the stereotypes of a “regular teenage experience” are clear: going to a large high school, talking with your friends at lunch, playing sports, participating in clubs, etc. But is that accurate for other countries?  In Banfi, Italy, the primary and secondary school stages before going to high school are the same as the American education system: five years of elementary … Continue reading Differences between the American and Italian school system

Reaching The Next Peak

In not even 250 years, America has passed every test that has come its way with flying colors. From the surprising victory in the Revolutionary War against Britain to the Civil War that pitted brother versus brother on the battlefield to the tensions the Cold War brought, America has overcome. Dominating in the global economy, leading in technological advancements, and being the cultural epicenter of … Continue reading Reaching The Next Peak