Lion Escape

At an Australian Zoo in Sydney five lions found a way to escape their enclosure. This event struck immediate attention due to its urgency, officials rushed to contain the animals before any harm was done. The Zoo was put on lockdown with a “Code one alert”. Which is an alert that involves a dangerous animal, all the staff knew to act quickly due to this alert. All of the guests at the zoo were immediately rushed to safety. 

The lions were four cubs and a male adult. The adult named Alto with his clubs found their way loose from their enclosure. The escape was said to be due to “ an Integrity issue with a containment fence”. The five lions were seen outside of their enclosure but never were able to leave the zoo. They were seen in a small area which was blocked off by a second fence from the rest of the zoo. Thankfully the lions were never able to leave this area keeping all of the guests safe. 

Out of the whole group of lions 4 of them were able to make it back into their den, while one lion was tranquilized and moved by the zoo’s staff. All of the animals are safe and are on close watch. They are being closely monitored in a holding area. Due to the quickness of the staff’s actions the situation was under control in minutes. All procedures were followed and everybody involved acted swiftly. 

All of the guests were moved to a designated safe area as soon as the code one was announced. Thank goddess no humans or animals were harmed, and the zoo reopened fairly quickly as normal. The zoo was inspected to make sure it was completely safe to allow guests back into the zoo. And the escape point was inspected thoroughly to prevent other escapes or incidents. 

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