Performance Boat Center Comes To KWHS

Performance Boat Center has been one of the best boats in the Super Stock class for the past few years. Racking up multiple wins and being in the national championship hunt every season since their switch from the Super Cat class, only a few years ago. This year they have shown that same strength racking up a win in St. Clair and continuing to be a model of consistency. With veteran throttleman Rusty Williams and driver Myrick Coil continuing to show why they are one of the best duos in powerboats today. Monday the Performance Boat Center team will be at Key West High School, for the kids of the school to see the boat before it takes action this week and for them to ask any questions to the team. The races are always a main attraction for the town and is one of the biggest events in Key West year round, so the team doing this is very appreciated by everyone. Especially at a time when preparation is being done for one of the biggest races of the year, going out of the way to give back to the city is something not many would do in such a stressful time. But with a veteran crew who has won world championships before and won on the biggest stages in boat racing, it’s not a surprise to see this happen. This will be one of the most challenging years to win in Key West for this team, however. With 13 boats registered in the Super Stock class and winds upwards of 30 knots at least for Wednesday’s race, it’s going to be far from easy to get the win this year. The Super Stock class will be the third race of the day at 1:30 PM (barring any changes), and are sure to bring fireworks from the drop of the green flag on Wednesday, and the checkered flag on Sunday. (Note:Wednesday’s race has been canceled due to the high speed winds, the first race will happen Friday at 1:30 for the team).

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