10 Popular Dog Breeds

Known as “Man’s best friend,” dogs are one of the most popular pets. With almost 200 recognized breeds, there are many dogs to choose from. In no particular order, I have put together a list of some popular dog breeds in 2022.

Labrador Retriever

Picture of a Labrador Retriever. Photo Provided.

Labrador retrievers are expected to live for 11 – 13 years.  These dogs are medium to large ranging from 21 – 24 inches in height and 55 – 80 pounds, depending on the gender.  These dogs are great family dogs since they are outgoing, affectionate, and good with children, as well as other dogs.  These dogs are filled to the brim with energy and are very playful.  Though they are good with others, Labrador Retrievers are still good watchdogs, ever alert to sounds they aren’t expecting, but don’t expect every bark to be an intruder.

German Shepherd

Picture of a German Shepherd. Photo Provided.

German Shepherds are expected to live 7-10 years, and grow to be around 22-26 inches tall, and can weigh anywhere from 50-90 pounds depending on the gender. German Shepherds are amazing guard dogs.  They are wonderful family pets and get along well with kids.  These dogs are open to strangers and other dogs but don’t be surprised if they don’t make friends right away.  These dogs shed relativity often, but don’t drool very much. Overall, German Shepherds are all-around workers known for their intelligence and confidence. Golden Retriever 

Golden Retriever

Picture of a Golden Retriever. Photo Provided.

Golden Retrievers are friendly, loyal dogs standing anywhere between 21 – 24 inches tall and weighing anywhere from 55 – 75 pounds, depending on gender.  These dogs live to be 10 – 12 years old.  Although these dogs are known for their friendliness to unknown people and dogs alike, they make for wonderful alert dogs, normally barking only to alert you.  These dogs are playful but aren’t overflowing with energy.  Additionally, they are easy to train and are ready to adapt to almost anything.


Picture of a Poodle. Photo Provided.

Poodles often live to be 10 – 18 years old and stand over 15 inches tall, regardless of gender.  They weigh 40 – 70 pounds, depending on gender.  Poodles are often regarded for their pride and their intelligence.  Although playful, and open to strangers, Poodles often do not want to share what is theirs.  They can adapt well and don’t need to have a strict day-to-day routine.  They have a relatively high energy level, and want to play often, but are also super easy to train.  These dogs are very vocal, barking at the mailman almost every time he comes to the door. 


Picture of a Beagle. Photo Provided.

Beagles are hound dogs expected to live 10 – 15 years.  Most of these dogs grow only to 15 inches tall and 30 pounds.  These dogs are great with kids, and socializing with other dogs.  Although they are moderate in their tolerance to unknown people, and their affection for family.  They are on the higher end of playfulness and energy and enjoy playing more than laying around.  They are trained easily, but they may have a mind of their own every once in a while.  They adapt well, but wouldn’t make the best guard dogs due to their sharing nature.  

Great Dane

Picture pf a Great Dane. Photo Provided.

Great Danes are large dogs, growing between 28 – 32 inches tall and 110 – 175 pounds.  They are expected to live 7 – 10 years.  They are very affectionate with family members, though they tend to be in the moderate spectrum with kids and other dogs.  They make amazing watchdogs, being alert of strangers, yet are still willing to make friends eventually.  They are playful dogs, with high energy levels, and a need to be doing something.  They are quick to adapt to whatever changes occur during the day.  They can be trained, but are sometimes a little more hard-headed.  They bark moderately, at the occasional mailman, but watch out for their drool, a towel is a must-have in an overnight bag for these friendly giants.


Picture of a Rottweiler. Photo Provided.

These dogs often live between 9 – 10 years.  They grow between 22 – 27 inches tall and 80 – 135 pounds depending on gender.  These dogs tolerate kids, strangers, and other dogs.  Despite their moderate openness to others, they are quite affectionate with family.  They are very easy to train and adapt well to day-to-day life.  Despite their watchdog attitude, Rottweilers are very playful dogs with high energy levels.  Due to their high energy level, they almost always want something to do during the day.  

Siberian Husky

Picture of a Siberian Husky. Photo Provided.

Siberian Huskys shed a lot, so make sure you have a good vacuum.  They typically live to be 12 – 14 years old.  Fully grown they are typically 20 – 24 inches tall and weigh around 35 – 60 pounds, reliant on gender.  These dogs are very playful, and overflowing with energy.  They make friends with everyone they come across, being good family pets, though they aren’t very good watchdogs.  Be warned they will bark at almost anything they see out the window.  They can be trained fairly easily, but are a little headstrong at times.  They adapt well too.


Picture of a Bulldog. Photo Provided.

These small dogs only grow to be 14 – 15 inches in height, and 40 – 50 pounds heavy.  They live around 8 – 10 years, being relatively lazy, friendly dogs.  They are open to strangers and are relatively fond of family.  They are decent with kids and other dogs, as well.  They are very playful but are fine having the occasional lazy day, with a moderate energy level.  They are easy to train, but they may have some difficulty adapting to some situations.  These dogs are moderate watchdogs and don’t bark very often.


Picture of a Boxer. Photo Provided.

Boxers are large to medium dogs, growing between 21 – 25 inches tall.  They typically weigh 50 – 60 pounds, depending on gender.  They live to be around 10 – 12 years old.  These dogs are wonderful with kids, and usually love them more than the average family member.  They are decent with strangers and after a few sniffs around the legs, are often willing to be pet.  They are okay around other dogs but keep an eye out just in case of an incident.  They are playful dogs, with high energy levels, and the need for something to do.  They could have some difficulty adjusting to sudden changes but are easily trained.  


American Kennel Club 

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