Why are Award Shows so Popular?

By: Thomas Horvath

Cable television has had a major decline in subscriptions and ratings. But some of the most popular broadcasts they have are of annual award shows, such as The Emmys, The Oscars, and The Grammys. While they have also had a decline in ratings, they still bring in many viewers who want to see what wins. But why are these shows so popular?

There could be many reasons why people watch them. Some people might like seeing all the actors or singers and film staff come together to celebrate the most popular or well- received entertainment of the year. A more likely reason would be that people want to see something they like or think is deserving of an award win. Although, because of the somewhat competitiveness of the shows, this has led many people to think that the shows are rigged. A big example of this is when Macklemore beat Drake, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar for Rap Album of the Year. Many critics and fans alike thought that Lamar deserved the award, saying it was due to his race he lost. This became controversial enough for Macklemore to apologize to Kendrick after the show. 

But it seems like the shows don’t get talked about unless there is controversy. Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift’s speech, La La Land being mixed up with Moonlight, and most recently, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. It would be the only thing that was talked about coming from The Oscars. In fact, it will probably have a lasting negative effect on the ceremony. 

Award shows will probably keep declining in ratings, and will eventually stop airing. They have steeply declined with ratings, and the controversies are not good in the long run. What was once well-respected and watched in many households, are now drama-filled shows that will be popular for a short amount of time, before dying out.

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