How fun carnivals can be

When you go to the carnival you will most likely see many carnival games, rides, and deep-fried food items. There are many carnival games to play such as balloon pop. Balloon pop is when you have three, five, or ten darts to throw at a balloon depending on how much you pay. Each balloon can have a word or number inside, either one, two, three; or small, medium, and big. For every balloon you pop, you get a prize. For example, if you popped a balloon and it had two inside, then you get to choose what medium-sized prize you would like. Another game is duck fishing. Duck fishing has the same intention as balloon pop. You are given a small fishing net and to fish out a floating duck. At the bottom of each duck is a color, which determines your prize. If it’s blue it’s a small prize, if it’s green it is a medium prize, and if it’s red it’s a large prize.

Some people come to a carnival for the delicious deep-fried food. At carnivals, they often have funnel cake, funnel cake fries, hot dogs, kettle corn, corn dogs, caramel apples, pretzels, snow cones, cotton candy, and turkey legs. Even though all of these items are very delicious, they can sometimes be a bit out of your price range. Sometimes, a turkey leg can be $14 while a pretzel can go for as much as $8. At some carnivals, they have rides like the Ferris Wheel, and others that are typically free.

Carnivals are really fun even with family and friends. I personally love carnivals because they are so fun and the food is great.

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