Tame Impala Currents Review

The third studio album by Kevin Parker, more well known as Tame Impala, Currents, is truly a masterpiece of music and I’m very glad I found this album around one year ago. With an psychedelic and overall trippy vibe, the album created a new experience in music for me and has led me to dive into Parker’s music more, him now being one of my favorite artists I’ve ever listened to. But with Currents being such a spectacular album, I need to narrow the favorites down by listing my top three songs on the album.

  3. The Less I Know The BetterThe most popular song on the 13-track album comes in at the number three spot on my list. Although a mostly upbeat song, the subject matter deals with heartbreak and a girl Parker had feelings for leaving him for another guy. The song holds this subject matter with what I think are the hardest hitting lyrics on the song with Parker saying, “She said it’s not now or never, wait ten years, we’ll be together, I said better late than never, just don’t make me wait forever.” This song is just a masterpiece, the only flaw for me is that it’s not as long as I’d like it to be with solid play time at three minutes thirty-nine seconds long.

   2. New Person, Same Old MistakesThe outro track to the album is what is gonna come second on my list. This song is just incredible, with more hard-hitting lyrics and a fantastic hook it’s another masterpiece made by Parker. The name of the song really explains the message behind the track some people feel like a new person but end up making the same mistakes due to love. The song just after three minutes takes a swift beat switch into what I think is the best part of this musical masterpiece, that being the rifts in the psychedelic sounding guitar, and Parker’s vocals really stand out in this section. The lyrics to start the switch really resonate with me, these being, “Man I know that it’s hard to digest, but maybe your story ain’t so different from the rest.” This is something that is very true to my life, as you may feel your situation in love is different from others, but more than likely other people are going through the exact same thing.

  1. Let It Happen-The intro track to the album is my personal favorite and a song that will always stick with me more than likely. This song was the first Tame Impala song I ever heard and it captivated me from the beginning. The song is the definition of psychedelic and it just takes you away throughout its entirety. With beat switches, different instruments, and a wide variety of vocal effects the song may be Parker’s best and starts off the album beautifully. If it wasn’t for this song and it being such an amazing intro, I may not have been as keen on listening to the whole album and Parker’s discography as I did, so this song definitely has a big part of my heart. 

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