How to protect yourself from germs and disease

A disease is any harmful deviation from the normal structure and function of an organism, and a germ is a microorganism that causes harmful diseases. Germs are microscopic, meaning they are very small and can’t be seen by the human eye. This allows them to slip into our immune system without us even knowing, exposing us to harmful diseases. Even though a germ is small in size, there are plenty of ways to keep us safe from them. 


Washing your hands often is a great way to avoid exposure to germs. When you wash your hands, you are cleaning them from dirt and germs. If you are not at a place where a sink and soap are available, using hand sanitizer also kills germs and bacteria. Washing your hands doesn’t only protect yourself from germs, it protects others around you. When a human has germs on their hands, everything they touch has germs now too. So by washing your hands, you can eliminate the spread of germs while protecting yourself and others. An unwashed hand can spread germs to food, drinks, handrails, doorknobs, tabletops, toys, and other people’s hands. 

Getting vaccinated is another option to avoid contracting dangerous diseases. Getting vaccinated helps your body to stop the disease instead of preventing it before it’s contracted.  Vaccines help the human immune system fight infection and disease quickly and efficiently. A vaccine fights the disease and then remembers so it will attack it if it is ever exposed to that specific germ again. Getting a vaccine helps to avoid symptoms when a germ enters the body. 

Wear a mask or face covering. When a facial covering is worn, it helps to avoid many diseases and germs spread through airborne transmission. Airborne diseases are spread by sneezes, coughs, and laughing. In any form, it can be inhaled by another person. So when a mask or face covering is worn, there is less exposure to germs in the air, and can protect a person from many different germs.  

In conclusion, wearing a mask, washing hands, and getting vaccinated are ways to avoid disease and germs. These ways can stop a disease from happening or they can help eradicate the disease once it is affecting the immune system.    

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