President Joe Biden is Planning to Ban Two Baby Sleeping Products

By: Tricia Desroches

President Joe Biden is planning to ban two baby sleeping products that have been connected the almost 200 infant deaths.  He signed the Safe Sleep for Babies Act of 2021 which outlaws the manufacturing and sale of crib bumpers and inclined infant sleepers.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has found 83 crib bumper-related deaths and 97 inclined sleeper-related deaths. “For decades, consumer, health and parent groups have decried the sale of these dangerous products,” Nancy Cowles, executive director of the group Kids In Danger. The padded sleep products can cause babies to roll over and suffocate. 

This legislation will band all inclined sleepers that go back more than 10 degrees that are supposed to be made for babies up to the age of 0ne years old. It bans products that were produced to prevent babies from hurting themselves on the sides of cribs. For example, crib bumpers and vertical crib slat covers. The non-padded mesh cribs are not included in the ban. 


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