Kendrick Lamar-Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers Top 3 Songs

After a five-year wait after his last album release, Kendrick Lamar finally dropped his long-awaited album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. Although the album was overall amazing and another instant classic from Lamar, I’m going to choose the three I believe are the best on the project.

  • Auntie DiariesThis track right away gets to the point where Lamar explains his experience of his Auntie becoming a man, and how he saw the situation at a young age. Lamar does the same in the next verse rapping about another relative of his being his cousin who became a man as well, with his cousin actually getting surgical work to fully change his gender. The track has great meaning due to it showing Lamar’s changed perspective on gender change, and with gender and acceptance being a big deal in today’s society. Hearing Lamar rap about it for the first time was very interesting.
  • Mother I Sober (feat. Beth Gibbons)-Like Auntie Diaries, this track was very somber with little instrumentation and extremely lyrical. As I write this I’m still trying to depict exactly everything that is said in the track, but the main point is this. Lamar’s family more specifically his mother thought his cousin ‘touched’ Lamar, which wasn’t the case, but due to his mother being abused she believed due to the trauma it had happened to him as well.
  • Mirror-In my opinion Mirror, the outro track of the album, is the best track. The song is more upbeat with a fantastic instrumental and Lamar speaking his peace that although he wanted to save and help others, he needs to help himself. In the hook, Lamar says “I choose me I’m sorry” and the last lyrics of the song before the final repeating of the hook is “Sorry I didn’t save the world, my friend, I was too busy building mine again.” I think this song many can relate to as sometimes it’s best to choose to work on yourself and realize, you can’t save and help everyone especially if it hurts you in the process.

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