Colombia Legalized Abortions for the First 24 Weeks of Pregnancy

By: Tricia Desroches

Columbia has legalized abortions for up to 24 weeks. They were legalized on February 21, 2022. Columbia used to be a very conservative country with a majority of the country having strong Catholic beliefs. Before 2006 abortions were completely banned. Since abortions were illegal, women found hazardous ways to stop their pregnancies. 

Out of the countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, Columbia has the most developed abortion laws. During the 1970s, abortions were the leading cause of maternal mortality. “Most of the abortions were carried out with traumatic procedures. It could be people that had no training at all and would try with knitting needles,” says Dr. Laura Gil, a Colombian gynecologist, and abortion rights activist. The Columbian Court legalized abortion in cases of fetal malformation, rape, and when the mother’s health is in danger. 

There are many Latin countries that have abortions available to women. There are still many countries that have abortions banned, such as El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Maybe Columbia legalizing abortions will influence other countries to legalize them as well.

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