Monkeys. In total, there are 334 species of monkeys. Monkeys’ natural habitats are in the tropical rainforests of Asia, Africa, Central Africa and South America. Alsofound living in sanctuaries made by scientists to keep their species alive as well as to observe them. Scientists are doing a great deal of research on monkeys in today’s world.

Young Monkey using a hammer to its advantage

One very popular monkey sanctuary is the Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida. This sanctuary is a home for primates who have been injured, abused or harmed in any way. The sanctuary is located in Gainesville Florida, and it has been described by many viewers as “devoted.” 

A second popular monkey sanctuary is Born Free USA. This sanctuary makes a great permanent home for reduced monkeys. They promote conservation using compassion, and their main job is to increase the survival rate of endangered and threatened species. The viewers and workers at this sanctuary describe it as: “brilliant people raising awareness”. 

These sanctuaries are especially important to monkeys because they are such an important species. They are intelligent creatures and we learn so much from them. Monkeys have taught us about evolution and even have helped us in medicine. 

Monkeys are smarter than they seem as they can understand how to use human tools, can communicate in their own language, and can even count. Because of this, monkeys are even being taught to read, write, and use grammar.

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