Ukraine is accepting cryptocurrency

Ukraine, the country being targeted is receiving financial aid.  In 2022, financial aid is coming in cryptocurrency.  As a matter of fact, they have received over $30 million in bitcoin.   One donor named Ms. Viltrakyete, who realized that Ukraine and some nonprofit organizations accept bitcoin, immediately converted about $15,000 in Ethereum to Bitcoin.  And, she donated personally to and Come Back Alive.  They are Ukraine based military charity that accepts bitcoin.  They were reputable organizations that have a public cryptocurrency wallet set up.   There were many people who were eager to contribute crypto to Ukraine.  This week by Tuesday, the amount went over $30 million.  One group alone raised $1 million in less than a minute. Studies have shown that crypto-based giving has become very popular.  A new study from Fidelity Charitable reports that donor contributions went up to $330 million in total contributions in 2021. And, the study showed that crypto donors gave $1000 more than regular donors. Some may have at first had difficulty finding crypto-friendly organizations to contribute during the first couple of days, but then Ukraine quickly realized that this could be an opportunity that would benefit them. The government even opened up direct crypto donations.  

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