Crazy Florida woman

Tuesday, March 1, 2022, Clearwater, Florida. A middle-aged woman has been arrested for aggravated battery charge.   . The 46-year-old arrested on animal cruelty charges after tossing a 3 year old pug with the name of “Bucky” off the 7th floor apartment balcony after arguing with her newly known “ex boyfriend.” “Eric Adeson told Clearwater police investigators the woman, who he had dated for several months, also threw his keys and cellphone over the balcony Sunday. The dog was found dead on the pavement below, police said.” mentioned on yahoo news sources. Adesons attorney filed $30,000 due just in damages. From what has been stated the couples relationship ended late february (just a few days ago) but came to an end after a seven month period of being together. She arrived at Adesons condo Sunday smelling like alcohol and being verbally vulgar towards him. The man asked her to leave, a few times. She refused and instead picked up the dog and threw it over the balcony. With a sweet statement given by Eric Andeson, “Adeson told the Tampa Bay Times he adopted Bucky as a puppy when his 10-year-old dog named Sandy was undergoing cancer treatments. He said the two had been playmates ever since “He (Bucky) just actually had his third birthday,” Adeson said. “I never thought that Sandy would outlive Bucky.” The woman was arrested Monday. Relieved of the arrest, and saddened by the death of his puppy, but still staying strong.

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