Best Electives to Take in High School 

By: Sophia Powell

Most students, especially ones just getting into high school, are unclear on what electives they should take and what credits they need to graduate. The best plan to get all your credits quickly is to take all of the classes that you need in your first two years of high school, and then take fun electives for the last two years. As a freshman or sophomore, the top electives you should take are any kind of foreign language. Most schools provide languages like Spanish, French, Latin, Mandarin, and many more. Foreign languages can be very helpful and effective in situations where you need help and don’t know how to communicate with someone near you. Creative writing electives are also important since they can help better prepare students for college, and making up stories to write about helps stimulate the mind and gets the imagination working. Psych 101 is a good elective to take to prepare for college if you’re looking into going into the workforce as a police officer, social worker, health educator, etc. Then, you’re required to take a psych course. Psych is also just a very interesting class since it helps you better understand people. Economics helps students better understand the economics around the world and how the markets around the world work. In times like these where inflation is making prices go up, taking an economics class can definitely benefit most people and students and can possibly help people save immense amounts of money. Lastly, any kind of computer science class can be beneficial. Computer classes help students because with everything that’s going on in the world like the Covid pandemic, inflation, and the Russian and Ukrainian war as not a lot of people are traveling, most people are staying and working from home. So the technology use is definitely going up in the world. Not to mention most of the world is converting everything to online, so a computer science class can be very beneficial because if you’re having problems with your tech then you can just fix it yourself. In the end, I think the best option is to get all of your credits done in your first two years of school and have fun the last two years.

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