Seven of the Best Weightlifting Gloves of 2022

By: VIvienne Wellet

  These are the 7 best-rated weight lifting gloves of 2022. These gloves were rated the best because they can grip to the pole and tighten and prevent any accidents. Weight Lifting gloves are gloves that can help you grip, lift, pull, or push weights without getting blisters or getting hurt. Gloves are supposed to help people have more grip to exercise. There are different types of non-rated gloves like Half- fingered gloves with wrist pads, Fingerless gloves with extended wrist and pad support, Grip pads, and palmless pads.

Trideer Gloves- Made out of microfiber and gel-filled palm padding, these gloves can be used for exercising, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and other work out things. One problem with these gloves is it’s not that tight, meaning that the hook and loop may not be secure. They aren’t that expensive, and they usually cost around $20. Gloves have a lot of different sizes and the companies that make the gloves put buckles on it so it would be alot easier to take off and put on. Many people think it is very durable during their workouts, while others think that it was a poor design because the strap would wear or rip out after a couple of uses.

Ihuan Ventilated Gloves- Made out of neoprene, which is best for wrist support or any hand injuries, they are around $20, but some say they are poorly fitted. They have a built-in velcro wrist strap for extra support, and the gloves contain microfiber and silicone printed neoprene that is resistant to water, oils, and heat. The gloves come in a round of sizes S-XL, and people say that they are durable and supportive and other reviewers say that the gloves helped correct their weightlifting form, but some don’t think that. Some people think that the gloves fit poorly and could be too bulky for a person to have a secure grip. 

  Glofit Freedom Glove – Made out of mesh and silica gel, these gloves are flexible and lightweight and great for suitable use of fitness trackers. The mesh materials help reduce sweat on the palms, and the padding is anti-slip and abrasion- resistant. The gloves have an open back and people could possibly have more flexibility when working out in them as well as an adjustable strap and a terry cloth thumb panel to wipe off sweat. Their sizes range from XS-XL and they usually cost around $22. Many people love these gloves because of their flexibility, they are lightweight and breathable.Some people don’t really like them because they don’t offer as much support as other gloves. 

Grip Power Pad Gym Gloves-  Made out of leather and rubber, these gloves are durable and may be best suited for free weights. These are a little bit on the pricier side at $56, but they offer good grip on all and different types of gym equipment like rubber and metal. The pressure pads on the gloves help maximize grip by increasing friction. Their sizes rank up from XS-XXXL. Some people like these gloves because they are durable, suitable for use of weights, but some people also think that the gloves are too bulky and reported that the gloves began to come apart after using it for a bit. 

Grip Power Pads Cobra Grip Gloves- Made out of black rubber, customers think that this glove is suitable for lifting and pulling exercise. They are listed at $55, but these gloves have adjustable wrist straps and padding to help prevent slips, calluses, and blisters.These gloves are more breathable than other ones, while they are also open in the back. Although there are as many sizes as people thought, their gloves hold sizes 5.5-8.77 in at wrist length. People like these because they protect the entire palm and fingers, making them very suitable for lifting and pulling exercises. However, some people don’t favor them as much, they think that the rubber that is made out of it rubs on their skin too much making it uncomfortable. 

RIM Sport Premium gloves- Made out of leather and spandex, these gloves feature a thicker waist strap that can definitely provide extra wrist and hand support. They are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable gloves that are flexible and have wrist padding for any injuries that can occur. Sizes range from XS-XL, and the price is about $20. Some people love them because they are comfortable to wear, they fit well, and help to reduce calluses and blisters.. However, some people say that the gloves are stiff and sometimes require a longer break in a period of time, and that the dye on the gloves sometimes comes off.

Fit Active Sports Glove-  Made out of Neoprene, these gloves are a comfortable fit. These gloves provide full- palm protection against blisters and calluses, and also feature an open back which highly increases breathability. Silicone on the fingertips help increase friction and decrease slipping. They’re usually sold at $30 and come in different sizes XS-XL. These gloves are durable and fit well and are most suitable for bar and bell lifting. Some people disagree, as they say these gloves aren’t as durable, and the stitching comes undone after a few uses. Other people think that the velcro strap irritates their skin.

Photo from Lifehacker

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