The Guide To Being Your Healthiest & Best Self 

   Many people think being healthy is just being in shape or eating things that are labeled “sugar free” or “all natural.” But, there is way more to it than that. America is one of the top countries with major health problems. What are the causes of this? Many things have built up to make this happen, is the only way to answer that question. Obesity levels are up to 42.4% in 2017-2018. When COVID-19 came around in March of 2020 you could really tell who was healthy and who wasn’t, seeing how sick people were getting from the widespread virus. More than 730,000 people have died and suffered complications that lead to death in the U.S. Now for the specific and best ways to get yourself to be the best version of you!

  One of the best things to do is drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. For clear skin, weight loss, and benefits to your digestive system this is an easy thing for everyone to be able to do with no problems. Lemons are a good source of Vitamin-C and hydration when put in water, sugary drinks are the #1 thing causing weight gain because of the amount being taken in. Having a soda or Starbucks refreshment is not a horrible thing, until it becomes an everyday routine and the sugar addiction becomes real. For example in a regular sized Coca Cola bottle there is over 50 grams and 12 teaspoons of sugar plus added sugars in a bottle. Any water being taken in is 100% more effective than any sugary drink. Whether its salt water, regular, lemon water, fruit infused water, they are all preferred then a 60g of sugar drink that makes you want more. 

  Whole Foods Market is a grocery store with the healthiest products for your needs. Not only are they a full grocery/market but also have cafes, hot bars, sushi stands, etc. Mostly everything is artificial free and not full of crazy dyes and preservatives in leading brands. Many people have some type of dietary restriction. Whole Foods is the best place for such things. I’ve had allergies since I was little and also have been going to Whole Foods forever because of all of the options they have for the top seven allergies. Everything from the food bar is labeled for allergens and gives the list of ingredients for  anyone that would need them. The sanitation and cleanliness is also amazing. Aside from food the company has made a huge approach on holistic health by sustainability. The company really tries to aim for healthy living and an all around healthy environment. Now does this mean you have to shop at Whole Foods? No. Because you can buy healthy products at any supermarket. 

  Exercise! Movement is needed by everyone  of all ages. Most parents enroll their children in a sport at a young age.  This is the best thing to do as a parent, to get your kids involved in sports activities for many reasons including the movement aspect. Gyms are used by so many people, in order to exercise you don’t need to go to a gym! Running around your neighborhood, at home Youtube workouts, arm exercises are all effective ways to make a routine. Having an official routine for your day is great. Being able to manage healthy eating, exercise, movement, work etc. The amount of sitting around done by both adults and kids has been awful especially since COVID started due to the isolation in quarantine aspect of not being able to go anywhere. Kids especially are spending too much time on the couch or in their beds lying around. 

    Having a healthy mindset and positive thinking. Once again, a routine is the best way for something like this, being able to manage your time while also taking care of yourself and others can be hard but also done. Planning ahead is super helpful for meals. For example, making salads and buying healthy snacks for the week can be made before the week starts or whenever you have free time. Time management also is key, balancing out working out and everything else that needs to be done is stressful for all. That’s why going to bed at a decent time and starting your day up early to have time in the morning is the best way to start your day. Having a healthy mindset and participating in things like guided meditation, therapy, yoga classes are all beneficial for your health. Thinking highly of yourself and being proud of goals and not overworking anyone around you or yourself is also a good goal to approach. Mindfulness and gratefulness is something everyone needs to have, something I struggle with sometimes greatly. Being able to accept what you have and putting it in the perspective that there will always be people with less than you is hard to think about.

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