How Covid-19 Has Impacted School

By: Tricia Desroches

Covid-19 has made a big impact on the world, especially on schools. Covid-19 made it hard for students to learn and for teachers to teach, and it also made it difficult for parents, even though they weren’t physically a part of the school.

Students have to get used to doing things online now.  Their mental health was affected because they weren’t used to the new regulations that Covid came with, and some kids didn’t have the same privileges that other kids had. Perhaps they didn’t have internet access at their house or their house was too chaotic for them to be able to learn. Certain kids don’t like the idea of not seeing the people that they love. Older students that are or were in middle and high school didn’t get to make any memories nor could they see their friends. Most likely in the future, if someone asks them about their middle and high school years, the first thing they will think about is Covid. 

Many teachers had to learn how to teach differently since most teachers weren’t used to using technology, so they had to learn how to use different online learning tools and teach at the same time. Teachers had to try harder to engage students. Students would skip school since it was online, they wouldn’t do their homework, and they would get easily distracted during online school. Teachers usually have things that they do every year, but some of those things were not Covid friendly. Since they weren’t Covid friendly teachers couldn’t do them.

Parents had to learn how to learn online with their children. The kids that had parents that didn’t know how to use a computer were put at a disadvantage. If parents had to work, they would have a lot of trouble finding someone to watch their children, so a lot of parents had to make the hard decision of staying home with their children.

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