Shortages In The U.S.

By: Vivienne Wellet

There are hundreds of backed up ships that hold over 40 shipping containers of important things shipped from various countries in the world. There aren’t enough people to work as a trucker or a container unloader for vessels in port. Ports around the US were clogged, and about 65 ships were waiting just to unload at port. It usually takes about 10-12 days to wait and get unloaded but it takes about two whole weeks before they can unload the vessels. Before the pandemic, ships didn’t have to wait,they got to the port unloaded and then everything that was in the shipping containers got shipped out all over to the United States. Most shortages happen due to Covid that has taken and affected everyone around the world. 

  According to an article almost every store they went to, to either pics up meds, paper towels, or any groceries, almost every employ they asked they had said, ¨ we’ve been sold out for almost a week now.¨ Jeff Moriarty, a marketing manager, had told interviewers that they have been getting 2-4 times more of food and supplies just so they can hold onto it or ¨hoard¨ it just in case if they run out they can just get it from the back. 

   Before Thanksgiving, many people thought there wasn’t going to be enough turkeys or the right size for their family. According to news next year, in 2022 there could be some major food shortages including eggs, toys, pumpkins, and carbonated drinks. For the future, scientists are trying to find a way out where we can stop killing animals and use insects, so they are finding a way to make insect burgers. 

Grocery stores have been increasing their prices of their food ever since the shortages, the inflation rate is at exactly 4.4 per cent now, that’s four times more than what it was in August. Meat is going up at  20.1% for beef and 14.2% for pork, more than the price it was in October 2020 than October 2021. It is expected to run out of meat because it is unlikely that everyone in the world will become vegetarian. ‘’Shortages of gas are predicted to run out this century”, which will be pretty bad because almost everyone in the world uses gas for their car for it to be able to work. 

  Many car making factories have had a lot of trouble over the last couple of months because of the shortage of chips they need for the cat to have advanced features. A car needs about 3,000 for a modern car and even more for a Luxurious car including Teslas, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. Since car making factories can’t  make as many cars as they used to, car dealerships have increased the prices of cars since April 2020. Many electronics including, iPads, computers, phones, Apple watches, TVs, and many other things all include these chips that cars need so they have features and so It can work properly.

Image from Boston University

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