Lizards and Geckos with big hearts

As humans, we form bonds with people every day; whenever we feel we truly bond with someone, we show affection. However, is it only humans that show bond, affection, love, and trust? Scientists have found that geckos have big hearts that are just as capable of bonding.

Loveable Lizards and Geckos smiling to their loving owners.

When a pet is adopted into a home, it may take some time for the owner to connect with the adopted animal. This is entirely normal. It takes time to create bonds and find who you can trust. When a pet is first adopted, it can be anxious because of the change in environment, so it may seem like your new animal does not like you, but, in truth, they simply have not had time to learn to trust you.  

Scientists have discovered that geckos of all sorts can learn to trust and create a bond with a person. The geckos known to trust and bond with an owner the most is the Leopard gecko. Leopard geckos are thought to be the kindest geckos, and love to be pet and handled. The reason Leopard geckos are able to form a bond with their owners is because they remember positive behavior. For example, if as a pet owner you frequently hold and play with your geckos, they will remember you as a positive person. Therefore, they will trust you more and be ready for you to play and handle them. When a gecko or lizard trusts their owner, they will seem more curious and they will enjoy being around them.

The other thing that has been found out is that many lizards and geckos have their own personalities. The Leopard gecko and Bearded dragon are reptiles that show  off their personalities. The Bearded Dragon loves attention and it often will want human interaction. The Bearded Dragon is known as the deadliest reptile; however, it will snuggle up with their owners. 

Although geckos and lizards can form bonds, trust humans, and show affection they do not have the same emotion and feelings humans have. Geckos and lizards can not love the same way humans do. Yet, geckos  and lizards can assioticate their owner in positive ways but they can not feel love for an owner. Geckos and lizards love exploring, so when you allow your lizard or gecko to explore on its own they will start to associate you with fun and safety. 

Even though geckos do not need a lot of attention they end up becoming attached to their owner when they get attention and are shown love. When a gecko is shown they are safe with a owner they will begin to want more attention and love. When you feed a gecko everyday they learn you are their food source and they will start to notice when you are there to feed and love them. So when you get a pet and take care of it by giving them necessities like food. They will be ready for you to feed them and they will be ready for their owner to come love and pet them.

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