Kentucky LB born with 6 fingers on one hand

By: Gus Wilson

The University of Kentucky is ranked 16 in the AP poll in college football, exceeding many experts’ expectations of the team. Some of the team’s success can be credited to their defense, including sophomore linebacker J.J. Weaver. Weaver has something about him that is unlike all of his Kentucky teammates; he has 6 fingers on his right hand.

Weaver is polydactyly, meaning he has an extra finger on his hand. This condition can also apply to having an extra toe. Weaver’s extra finger is fully functional, which is not always the case in those who are polydactyly. “I was always hiding my finger [but] never told anyone,” Weaver stated in an interview with ESPN. Weaver then explained the reasoning behind this was that he was bullied in middle school. He hopes to “give the young kids hope” and be an inspiration to anyone with the same condition.

On the season so far, Weaver has 20 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and an interception. The team was undefeated before playing this past weekend against the University of Georgia. Coming off of a loss to the current number one, they look to continue their winning ways to make a bowl game for the 5th straight season. With a bye week this week, their next game is October 30th against Mississippi State.

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