Kansas City Chiefs loss to Buffalo Bills

For a while, the Kansas City Chiefs were A.F.C. champions and in the 2020 superbowl against the 49ers. However, on the night of Sunday, October 10th, the Buffalo Bills won against the Chiefs. Bills fanatics were proud, and Chiefs fans weren’t necessarily too ecstatic 

With a score of 38-20, the Kansas City Chiefs astonishingly lost to the Buffalo Bills. Even though it’s only October, the remainder of the season holds high expectations for the Bills. Since September 10th, they have won four games, including their game against the Chiefs. The Bills’ quarterback, Josh Allen, had a significant amount of passes to the receivers in the game. According to nytimes.com, the passes were 35, 41, 53, and 61 yards. Altogether, it was 315 yards. Getting farther and farther past the receivers and linebackers every throw. 

Although, some football fans say that the streak won’t last and that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to be first in the American Football Conference (AFC) soon. However, the Chiefs lost for the third time since the 2021 football season started. Well, according to kansascity.com, Patrick Mahomes did not have as much support from the  Chiefs’ receivers. After a pass to Tyreek Hill, accidentally fell right into Micah Hyde’s (Bills’ safety) arms. At this particular game, the second half was delayed because of inclement weather conditions, which to washingtonpost.com, was more than an hour in the locker rooms resting and rejuvenating. However, that did not help the Chiefs as much because in contrast to zero punts last game, the team had four forced punts and a field goal. 

It is estimated that the Buffalo Bills only have a nine percent chance of going to the 2022 superbowl, which based on their history, looks like a good inference. Although, they can have a “reboost” and stay on top. However, it would be quite the accomplishment because the superbowl is four months away in February. Perhaps the Chiefs will also have a boost and get back on top. For now, just sit back and watch who is going to be in the stadium in February 2022. 

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