There are five different species of rhinos on earth, and most of them aren’t living happily. The West African Black Rhinoceros went extinct in 2011, and the Java and Sumartan species are critically endangered. The only places rhinos can live peacefully are in national parks and reserves, hardly any can live in the wild. There used to be 500,000 rhinos in Africa and Asia roaming free, and there used to be rhinos in Europe. But today, the rhino population has fallen significantly. Every rhino species is expected to be extinct in less than 10 years.

African white rhino (Ceratotherium simum), mother and calf. National park of Kenya.

Rhinos are being threatened by poaching, loss of habitat, and low population. Poachers hunt rhinos for their horns, leaving thousands of rhinos dead. Rhinos are extremely powerful and big animals, but poachers can turn them to nothingness easily. 

Rhinos are put against loss of habitat by workers who destroy the grass and land they need to live and thrive. 

Rhinos have such a low population, there is not much able to bring their number up again. It’s almost impossible to save a species so close to extinction, and human activity is one of the main reasons causing the rhinos’ loss of population. 

Rhinos are important grazers of the environment. They eat lots of vegetation and help make the African landscape. They keep the environment healthy and restore balance with other animals. If rhinos go extinct, the African savannah will become less nurturing to other important species.

Rhinos are also very intelligent animals, they can be trained to do tricks like a dog when offered the right treats. Rhinos are not violent creatures,they will hardly ever attack a human. For the most part, the attacks that do happen are not fatal. Two attacks every year is the average attack rate, with the most common attacks being made by females trying to protect their young.

Rhinos mostly eat bushes and other kinds of vegetation, and they have no natural predators except for  crocodiles, hyenas, big cats, and african wild dogs that may prey on the baby creatures.

To save the rhinos, humans need to take action. Rhinos need a safe haven to live in peace. By opening conservatories and national parks, humans can help shelter rhinos. It’s proven that these heavens have increased the rhinos’ populations. Poaching needs to stop in order to help shield these beautiful creatures. The less poaching, the more rhinos can survive by increasing the punishment for harming/killing them. 

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