NFL Rookie Quarterback Struggles

Before this NFL (National Football League) season, the Quarterbacks drafted were hyped up tremendously, but after week 3, question marks are already being brought up for them all. 

          The first overall pick, Trevor Lawrence, who had the most hype out of almost any quarterback in the past decade coming into the draft, has struggled greatly. Lawrence is 0-3 on the season with five touchdowns and is tied for most interceptions in the league with seven. While he has shown bright spots in his passing ability, there are lots of issues that need to be worked on in order for Lawrence to succeed as a quarterback in the NFL. The second overall pick in the draft, Zach Wilson, has arguably done worse. Wilson is 0-3 as well, has only thrown for a measly two touchdowns, and is tied for the league high in interceptions with seven as well. Wilson’s worst performance easily comes in his second game against the Patriots where he threw no touchdowns and four interceptions, three of those coming in the first half alone. Fifteenth overall pick, Mac Jones, hasn’t been as abysmal as the other two Quarterbacks mentioned already, being 1-2 on the year with two touchdowns and three interceptions. All three interceptions came in his third game against the Saints where he was shut down almost entirely, and that really showed teams his weaknesses. 

          The eleventh pick, Justin Fields, hasn’t played all the games but so far he has rushed for a touchdown, threw an interception and gone 1-1 on the year. The clear main issue for Fields may not be his own fault as his offensive line has done him absolutely no favors. Especially in his last game against the Browns where he was sacked a remarkable nine times in a loss. Third Round selection, Davis Mills, was shockingly thrown into the fire as well after Tyrod Taylor suffered an injury against the Browns. Mills has done pretty well for his situation with two touchdowns and one interception in his two games, although he has lost both games he has played. It is clear, however, that when he has played, the team has gone with a very conservative game plan so he doesn’t have too much to handle in game. The final rookie quarterback to touch on is third overall pick, Trey Lance, who is the only rookie quarterback to not have been named starter so far this season. That hasn’t stopped Lance from getting to touchdowns this year as he has one passing and one rushing touchdown. Lance has been used in these situations close to the end zone where he will control the offense for a play and has thrived in that role so far. With the 49ers at a very solid 2-1 record with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm, there is a good chance we won’t see Trey Lance at quarterback this year unless they face a sudden dropoff or we see a Garoppolo injury. 

          The question that lies in everyone’s brains now is will these rookie quarterbacks recover from their early struggles. This will be something they need to do as in an even more impatient league where when players struggle for a period of time, teams are bombarded by many to send them elsewhere. These rookies will need to get it together fast before it’s too late. 


One thought on “NFL Rookie Quarterback Struggles

  1. During the NFL early years, it was more common to bring in new talent, sit them on the bench, more so with quarterbacks, and learn from the veterans. Much can be said about that approach.


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